Dec 3 and 4 – Slap Yo Daddy BBQ partners with BBQ Island in Tempe, AZ, to teach BBQ 101 classes in Arizona

December 3rd, 20112 Comments
Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Class with Harry Soo – Part 1 Posted by Kurt on 12/5/2011 to Cooking Classes
Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Class The amazing Harry Soo came out last weekend and put on a couple of classes. Boy howdy did he deliver! There is so much to cover I had to break this into two separate posts. Enjoy! You should know that we expected poor weather and set up the classroom in our shipping area. It made taking pictures a bit difficult as the lighting in the store was not very good. So if some of the photos are not that good, please cut me a little slack. :-)His set up was pretty simple. He just had two 18 WSMs hooked up to a Stoker powered by a battery pack. He said he started using the battery pack because of unreliable power supplies at the events. This handy device can power his Stoker for a two day event on a single charge. We pulled out a few other demo units so he could try them out. To the right, you can see the GMG Jim Bowie.

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  1. Harry, Are you thinking of your classes this year ,California , A bit far for me ,But, In Arizona where do I sign up ( Count Me In). Give me some feed back. If you can’t make it maybe we can get Myron Mixon to come out from Georgia ,But, You are a lot closer !!!!!!!!! Fill me in on what you think and if you are send me an application . Your Brother in Smoke Jerry Taylor AKA: The Salsa KIng

    • Harry Soo says:

      Hey Jerry:
      Thanks for the shoutout.
      Sorry I’m not doing classes in Arizona this year.
      Come by to take a class in So Cal or Nor Cal if you can.
      You can find registration forms to sign up for my classes and the available dates at:

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