Bacon-wrapped Pineapple Mozzarella Rings (a.k.a. Bacon Donuts)

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Bacon-wrapped Pineapple Mozzarella Rings (a.k.a. Bacon Donuts)
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It’s no secret that I absolutely adore bacon. When you sleep and dream about your vacation, I dream of a bacon vacation where I get to devise delectable baconventions. In my prior recipe blogs, I’ve put in it in my apple pie, meatloaf, breakfast fatty, buffalo turds, pig candy, and even bacon weave animals . Every month, I eagerly await a bacon surprise when my Bacon of the Month club (a gift from Janet and Hank) sends me a random artisan bacon package.

As a bit of trivia, when I first moved to Los Angeles in the mid 80′s after Texas Tech to attend Cal Poly Pomona, I had a fun stint at an American pizza chain (rhymes with a tile board game) as a delivery driver. After the dinner-hour crush, extra pizza drivers were sent home. Rockin Robyn, the store manager, would often keep me as a late night driver when the orders slowed down. During these slow periods, she taught me how to make pizzas. I learned that the pizza chain had pizza making contests among company employees. I was intrigued. I eventually became fast enough to make a large Pep pizza with the 40 pieces of pepperoni in under 27 seconds. It was a formative moment when I realized that I loved to compete. The clock starts from taking the dough mound out of the bin, stretching and spinning the dough in the air, placing it on the wire-mesh pan, spreading sauce and cheese evenly, and adding pepperoni slices with no “stacking” or gaps. The time counts only after it’s inspected for quality by the manager and it must be perfect to company specifications. I was being groomed as one of the store’s submissions for their regional contest.

Unfortunately, fate intervened as I received a career-starting job offer in Orange County and left. I sometimes reminiscence that if I had stayed, perhaps I could have been a pizza making champion? Maybe that’s the genesis that fueled my barbecue passion 30 years later.

So how’s this pizza making related to this recipe? One of my favorite pizzas during my pie-making days was the Hawaiian pizza with extra cheese. The gooey mozzarella melting into the salty Canadian bacon was delicately balanced by the fruity sweetness of the pineapple chunks. As a no-budget student, I would purchase a few of these with my employee discount, portion them up in plastic wrap, and savor them as meals over several days. My love for bacon wrapping has migrated to the pizza and the barbecue pit. Replace the Canadian bacon with regular bacon, keep the mozzarella cheese, and omit the crust. Voila! Bacon-wrapped Pineapple Mozzarella Rings! One problem to solve was how to hold the mozzarella in place while you wrap the bacon. After considering and failing using numerous options (toothpicks, PVC ring, meat glue, etc.), the easiest and best tasting option was to hold the mozzarella in position by cradling the cheese slices in an onion “bowl” while you wrapped the bacon.

So read on and watch the step-by-step pictures on how to recreate this delectable gem for your family and friends. It goes great with some marinara sauce. Tell your friends and send me pictures of your creations. Be patient when you make it as it takes time to perfect the Zen of Bacon Threading (consider it an act of bacon love!). I had to wrap a half dozen rings before I got the hang of it. Don’t wear gloves when you do this as you need nimble fingers to thread the bacon through the hole in the pineapple. Be gentle not to break the pineapple. Use a sweet onion like a Vadalia or Maui onion. Save the other pieces of onion you don’t use for another dish. Let the bacon come up to room temperature so it’s more pliable and easier to work with. Use bacon that has alternating layers of fat and meat and avoid bacon that has only bands of fat. You can cook the rings in your pit (I used a Weber Kettle) for better flavor or it works just as well in an oven on a mesh rack.
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
  • 16-24 slices of bacon
  • 1 can of sliced pineapple rings (we need 8 rings)
  • 8 mozzarella string cheese sticks
  • 2-3 large sweet yellow onion, cut into ⅓ inch rings
  • SYD meat rub
  1. Peel and cut the large onion into ⅓ inch slices.
  2. Open the can of pineapple slices, drain the juice and set aside 8 slices.
  3. Match the onion rings to the size of the pineapple slices—choose rings that have more of a bowl shape to help hold the string cheese in place.

  4. Tear the mozzarella string cheese in half.
  5. Place one half of the mozzarella in the onion ring and cut the other half to fill in the remaining gap. Place the cut piece filling in the gap.
  6. Stack the mozzarella lined onion ring on the pineapple and start wrapping with bacon slices. Use two to three slices of bacon per ring. Just take it slow and keep it all in place and it will eventually wrap—sometimes it takes some repositioning or re-stuffing of string cheese into ring.
  7. Once all wrapped, sprinkle on some SYD meat rub to your liking.
  8. Start up the Weber kettle (or your grill of choice) and cook indirect at 400F for 30 minutes.
  9. Optionally glaze with your favorite sauce.
  10. Let cool down for a few minutes before serving.
  11. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, such as marinara.
  12. Enjoy!
  13. One example: unglazed served with marinara dipping sauce.



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  1. These look Amazing!!!; Sharing this post out on Twitter etc right now. The photos are what really do the trick. Much appreciation for the work and time put into this post!

  2. Jason Herrington says:

    Wow! This looks great! Two quick questions: 1) if you don’t like onion – have a good substitution idea for this? 2) is there an easy way to print just the recipe I am not seeing?

    • Harry Soo says:

      Hey Jason, leave out the onion if you’re not a fan of onions.
      I suggest you copy and paste the recipe into your fav word processing software (E.g., Microsoft Word) and print.
      I’m looking into installing plug-in software to make it easier for my readers to print my recipes in the future.
      Thank you.

  3. Love the look of this. Hubby & I could survive on bacon (for hubby throw in a jar of peanut butter) Will grace our table very soon! Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Rob says:

    We loved ‘em. Next time I think we’ll do bite-size portions because I think they’d be easier to assemble. But either way, great idea!

    • Harry Soo says:

      Hey Rob,
      You can definitely switch the pineapple rings for pineapple chunks. This will make it easier to wrap and if you stick a toothpick in the cubed pineapple-mozzarella bacon wrap, you can have a nice bite-sized appetizer (similar to my Moink Balls recipe on my site).
      Send pictures to [email protected] if you try this cubed option.

  5. johnny says:

    This is amazing. I will definitely be making these.

  6. Luci says:

    Made these bacon donuts with thick bacon, next time I will try regular bacon. Got many comments that they loved the tastes of the ingredients together even a person that doesn’t usually likes pineapple. Will be sharing this recipe with others. Very delicious, thanks for sharing :)

    • Tyler Walker says:

      Yeah you gotta go with regular cut for sure.

    • Harry Soo says:

      Definitely thin cut bacon is easily to wrap. If you have thick cut, it works better with pineapple cubes versus rings. If you do cubes, leave out the onion and mozzarella. It’s just as good. Try drizzling some Teriyaki sauce if you do just the pineapple cube and bacon.

  7. Tyler Walker says:

    The aliens who constructed Stonehenge couldn’t have wrapped them as perfectly as you did! I had to cut my rings in half and do "bacon joints". They were great with Sriracha mayonnaise. Only problem I had was my cheese melted out of the rings and into the bottom of the grill. I am going to put them on foil next time.

  8. The Ninja Manatee says:

    How would you suggest cooking these if you don’t have a grill? Grill pan on the stove? Oven?

  9. Wow, these look amazing! Congratulations on being one of the featured recipes on TastyKitchen!

  10. k says:

    holy cow, these look insanely good..thank you!

  11. Peg says:

    Is there anyway to make these ahead of time? Not necesarily to freeze but to cook the next day?

  12. Dorolei Paschal says:

    These look tasty and easy! What a bonus for a snack and a few Fourth of July friends? Thanks again for the terrific tutorial and pictures!

  13. misskitty79 says:

    These should definitely be made w/ fresh pineapple rather than canned stuff.

  14. shannon says:

    im confused in first pic pinapple is in onion slice but then later stacked could you explain please, thank you

    • WEB Admin says:

      Sorry to confuse you. We show pictures with the pineapple slice at the bottom and onion on top of the pineapple. In other shots, we flipped the ring around to show the onion at the bottom and pineapple on top. This was to allow the viewer to see the arrangement of the mozzarella inside the onion ring

  15. Stephan says:

    Greetings from Sweden Harry!! Extremely nice and creative dish.
    Will give it a go this weekend. Very confident it will be a hit.
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to follow your progress.

    All the best

  16. Crystal says:

    Made these last night.They were awesomely delicious! My husband does not like hot pineapple so I made him some without.

  17. Kjung says:

    Hi. Would this work with Canadian bacon? It’s so much better for you! I’m gonna try with vegan mozzarella, too.

  18. Darcy Thompson says:

    Will you be adding a Pinterest button to your site?

    • WEB Admin says:

      Hi Darcy,

      We are in the process of upgrading the site and one of those upgrades is to add social media buttons. Stay tune…

  19. Amy says:

    These work just fine in a convection oven. We did bites b/c our onion was smaller than our pineapple. Love them!

  20. Bo says:

    I’d like to smoke these with a Hickory/mesquite mix. However, I worry about the cheese melting out. I’m thinking if I keep it at about 175 for about 35 minutes and then up it to crisp the bacon for your prescribed time it should work. Any thoughts?

    • Harry Soo says:

      The key is to cook and crisp the bacon at high heat and fast. The brand of string cheese I used seems to be able to handle the higher heat without melting too much. If you keep it at 175F, I suspect it will not be hot enough to crisp the bacon which will be soggy. As an additonal tip, if your rub has high sugar content, apply the rub only after cooking. Good luck!

  21. Rashotte says:

    Wow! This suits my taste completely! But I have a question: As I live in Italy, We don’t have mozzarella sticks. Do you think it’s ok to use regular mozzarella (dried up with some paper towels) or "mozzarella for pizza", wich is less watery than regular pizza, and instead of doing the onion bowl just cut the mozzarella as a ring? And maybe adding some caramelized onions because i love onions but they must be well cooked? Thank you!!!

    • Harry Soo says:

      Hey Rashotte:
      I would try your suggestion to use regular mozzarella to see the result.
      You can also use the mozzarella as a ring.
      The key is not have the cheese melt too much and flow out through the gaps in the bacon wrap.
      I suggest you cook the onions separately and spread it like a jam on top your cooked rings.
      Good luck and send me pics [email protected]

  22. Zella Richardson says:

    I’m adding green chili strips!!!!!

  23. Cheryl says:

    Hi there,
    These look amazing and are a great thought to share at a little party I’m having shortly..

    Is there any way that I can share this step by step process page to Facebook? I know that my friends & family would love to see this as well.
    Thanks, Jaz

  24. Phil Cook says:

    Thank you Harry. I will now die happy. Young, and probably of some coronary or arterial disease – but happy…

  25. jaydeechick says:


    Was delicious though.

  26. Just made these today and they were SO tasty!! Thanks!

  27. Lisa says:

    These look yummy! I think I’ll make these next time I grill burgers, and try one on there!

  28. Donna S. says:

    Wow, I have never salivated so much when reading a recipe. I can’t wait to try these.

  29. Merry P says:

    These look awesome! My hubby would love them for sure! Me? Not so much. I can’t do onions. Is there anything you can think of to substitute the onion for me?

  30. Tina says:

    Can these be deep-fried?

  31. Matt says:

    I was in a bind this past weekend to show up with an app for a Denver Bronco party, someone suggested something like this, I looked it up on line and Ka-pow, I whipped out 30 of them and put them on the Treager just like you said to do. The picture tutorial, phenomenal. As always, it was a hit, and I even got to have one for myself. Thank you, Go Seahawks!

  32. Kamanda says:

    Omg… this looks fantastic. Im definitely trying it when I get more bacon for peanut butter/bacon sangwitches…

  33. CHRIS says:

    WOW. I was scrolling down my Facebook page and seen this recipe there. It looked so good that i had to try it for myself and I am glad i did. It turned out so amazing, the onion and pineapple blended a flavor so amazing it left me with a smile on my face. I was planning on making these for my Superbowl party. Surely it will definitely be the talk of the party other then the game of course. thanks for sharing this recipe and look forward to seeing more soon.

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