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  1. Kerry Couts says:

    I recently purchased some Slap Yo Daddy Chicken Rub. Directions say to use as a marinade which will liquify, I would leave mine on overnight.Do you then apply more rub to cook, I’m used to marinating and then applying rub before you put it in the butter bath or do you skip the butter bath and put it direct on grill or pans etc.until temp good ?

    • WEB Admin says:

      Apply medium coat all over and let sit 10 hours. No need to apply more before cooking. I don’t use butter bath. Cook thighs in pan, uncovered about 1 hour and in pan, covered, about 50 minutes. Sauce and leave in pit for three minutes and put in box

  2. LostInAlaska says:

    Heard on that you will be selling your rubs in bottles going forward. Will the rubs still be available in bulk? I’ve been purchasing the 80z packages which are more economical.

  3. Harry, I really liked those very large flexible cutting boards that you used in class, I have found some but not the real large ones you had, I feel those would be a perfect work surface for some of my cooking projects, where can I find those, I see they weren’t listed as items used in your class. Thanks for your help…

  4. James Buszek says:

    where can I get a SlapYoDaddyBBQ T-Shirt like the one worn on the cook off on TV Show?

  5. Hannah Duggins says:

    Do you have any t shirts available?

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