Wanna enter Harry’s Rub Naming Contest? – CLOSED

February 9th, 20141 Comment

This contest is now closed.

Thank you everyone for taking part in this contest.

The rub names are:

Chicken: Jailbird Chicken
Beef: Moo-la
All Purpose: Love Meat Tender


OK, I am working on relaunching my award winning 1st Place USA championship barbecue rubs in a spiffy new container and labels. With so many product names already taken, I’m trying to find a unique name for each of my 3 rubs: Original, Chicken, and Beef.







<New Label pending>


If you want to suggest some names, please complete the form below.

Maybe Slapilicious Bird Rub, Harry’s Beef Rub, Bovine Madness, SYD Bling Original Rub, Symphony of Flavors???

If your submission is chosen, I will send you some complimentary rub, when the new bottles are ready, plus SYD tee in your size

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