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Learning the art and love of BBQ from the master Harry Soo was truly a privilege. BBQ is a life long journey and what Harry teaches in a couple hours will kick start the journey . I came into the class on an overcast Saturday morning with high expectations because of the amazing reviews. Not only did it meet my expectations, it blew them out of the water.The class has a good pace that keeps everyone involved and interested. I first learned real BBQ when I worked for a street fair BBQ booth. I know the basics and I have cooked thousands of pounds of meat. My goal was to get to the next level. I wanted to learn how to really smoke BBQ to wow. Harry is so passionate about BBQ, you just want to take what he teaches you and cook everything. There is not a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said. I have tried a lot of BBQ and what Harry smokes up has been the best so far.What you learn is the basis for a lifelong love of BBQ and the tips and tricks you need to compete. With Harry’s success on the BBQ competitions, I have a feeling his class will be even harder to get into and for good reason. I had a great time and hope in the future he might open up and advanced type of class or even one that involved grilling different types of food.The cherry on top is that Harry donates money to his charities and it really shows what kind of person he is it give back. Beginner or competitor, if you are interested in BBQ and can get into his class it will be a worthwhile investment for BBQ happiness.


I have been BBQing for 20+ years and am considering entering the competition arena.
Took Harry’s class last weekend and it was the best I have seen so far. Some review for me but the majority were Ah Ha moments that will improve my end product.
Probably will repeat the class in the future after I enter a contest(s) and would recommend it to anyone…………….


I love BBQ!!!  I started a business in 2006 selling grills and BBQ’s.  I fell in love with BBQ and have done a lot to try and perfect my recipes. SO much, that I also started a BBQ catering company.   Knowledge is power and I felt that this class would help become a better pitmaster.
I was amazed with this class.  It took my knowledge and respect for BBQ to another level.  I took this class yesterday and cannot wait to incorporate what I learned into my creations.
Harry breaks down the scientific process of BBQ and gives you a better understanding of how it all comes together.  Why things happen the way that they do and what to look for and expect.  It was amazing!
The class is hands on and Harry does a great job teaching his methods.  The secret to success?!?!?!  Love and passion.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. (insert gang sign here)


I can’t say enough good things about this class. Harry is passionate about, and loves BBQ. I share his enthusiasm, and was hoping he could help me improve my skills.  He did so much more than that.  This class is hands on, and he covers  a lot of topics.  I learned so much, and Harry is a gracious and patient teacher.
I’ve been working my pit for years, and was pretty good at it too, if I don’t say so my own self, but this class brought me up to a new level of understanding.
So glad I took the Slap Yo Daddy BBQ pitmaster class.


Someone once told me that i don’t have to know it all.. but you do need to know who to ask for help when you need it. and when it comes to BBQ. Harry Soo is that man.
Save yourself years of trail and error and take this class. This class will take anyone from zero to hero in 6 short hours. The wisdom and love that Harry will impart on you is amazing. save time and money with his proven process and resources.  i cannot recommend this class enough. if there is an advanced class.. sign me up Harry. Your the best!!! Thank you Sir


An awesome group of people come together for these classes: Restaurateurs, competitors, aspiring competitors, caterers, bbq judges, ordinary backyarders such as myself. The sum of parts is greater than the whole. Harry is a fantastic host/guru/teacher and an admirable human being.


The Backyard 101 class is amazing. In addition to his techniques, Harry also explains a lot of the science and reason behind whats going on inside a pit. There is lots of hands on learning and plenty of time for questions.
And then of course there is the food. I can not explain in an articulate way how amazing it was. To say it was the best BBQ I’ve ever had wouldn’t be enough.
I highly recommend this class to anyone who is even mildly interested in BBQ.


I have been cooking KCBS competition BBQ for the last 4 years.  The knowledge I learned from Harry will improve my chances of winning competitions and it will improve my backyard BBQing.  I highly recommend Harry’s class if you are a beginner or you are an experienced pitmaster.




taking Harry’s class will teach you more than all the cookbooks you have on your shelf. Highly recommended.


This was my first BBQ class and I’m glad I went with the best. Harrys passion for spreading love through BBQ made the class fly by. I never knew that there could be so much to know about BBQ.
I’m not interested in competing, just cooking great food for friends and family.
Not only is his BBQ knowledge immense but he’s got a talent for teaching and really enjoys himself.
A true gentleman Teacher!


This class was one of the best thing I have ever done to help me take the next level. I’m going to enter my first Comp in Scottsdale AZ. Thanks Harry for everything, looking forward to seeing you down the rod some where. If you ever have the chance to take one of Harry Soo’s class in your area don’t hesitate, just do it. Even if your just going to use his information in your backyard BBQ, you will be the hit of your friends and family.


This is the class to go to!!!  Harry knows BBQ and is willing to share his knowledge with his students not only at class but after when it really counts and you need good BBQ to impress your family and friends or if you are a competitor and need to impress the judges.  This is a class which is MORE than worth the registration fee.  Learn Harry’s methods and then you can adapt them to your tastes. My first brisket after the class was amazing compared to before the class.  I am confident our team scores will be much better at the next competition
Ed R.
SYD Alumni


Harry Soo’s BBQ class is outstanding! His is by far the best cooking class I have attended..  Harry has a true love for BBQ and for sharing his knowledge of it.
Harry will help you to finally achieve Pitmaster status.  I can’t wait to apply what I have learned.


This class exceeded all my expectations. Growing up on a farm in Arkansas butchering, cooking, smoking, all our own meats i thought i knew quite a bit about BBQ. Wrong now i know quite a bit if i were grading this class it would get an A+.
Kevin Crook


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  1. 3bsbbq says:

    took harrys class as a way to try to up my bbq comp. skills he is a great cook great teacher The Backyard 101 class is amazing. In addition to his techniques, Harry also explains a lot of the science and reason behind whats going on inside a pit. There is lots of hands on learning and plenty of time for questions.
    And then of course there is the food. I can not explain in an articulate way how amazing it was and would say take his class you will learn so much

  2. Evert Wells says:

    Took Harry Soo’s class today. Highly recommend it. Learned new things and new ways to prepare so many different dishes. Excellent gift from my wife.

  3. Susie Baumberger says:

    I took Harry’s class on 6/16/18 in a group of about 15 students. I entered the class leery that the class was over-priced, but Harry quickly changed my mind. If you want to learn how to cook BBQ in one day, this is the class. Harry is charming, but practical and a natural teacher. Harry shows how you can cook — or even compete — effectively with modest equipment and easy-to-find ingredients. I probably SAVED more money than the class cost due to Harry’s guidance. Harry teaches WAY more than BBQ — He teaches by example: Humility, compassion, respect and love. Harry’s class is life-changing on many levels. I’m a Harry fan for life.

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