Slap Yo Daddy BBQ is the love child of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters Head Cook Harry Soo, one of the best-known barbecue names winning 30+ Grand Championships and 100+ First Place awards in the US, Canada, Hawaii, and England, including California Team of the Year 2010 & 2011, Arizona Team of the Year 2010 & 2011, 2012 Jack Daniels Invitational invitee, and 2012 & 2013 King Of The Smoker invitee. Preparing a bucket list of wishes to do before kicking the bucket, he started competing in 2008. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Featured in TLC’s BBQ Pitmaster Season One, he was the underdog among the 7 teams which included three World Champions ready to show this pitmaster from California how real BBQ is done.  Boy, were they surprised when he won the Episode 8 season finale cooking ribs against the best rib cookers in the world in the winner-take-all Rib Throwdown in Texas.

Harry’s rubs were recommended by’s article for Top 10 Best Brisket Rubs 2021. Also, check out Harry’s Amazon suggestions.

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BBQ Rubs

Harry’s rubs are artisan products that are not commercially produced but hand-mixed in small batches. Only the finest and freshest ingredients that meet Harry’s strict specifications are used and guarantees a Championship BBQ taste you’ll remember. All products are lab certified gluten-free and MSG free, except the one product containing MSG. Harry brings his championship winning rubs to you in three outrageous flavors.

Love Meat Tender All Purpose – is Harry’s most popular rub and is awesome on pretty much anything including beef, pork butt, ribs, chicken, vegetables, and tofu. It’s so versatile it can be used on mashed potatoes, grilled watermelon, scrambled eggs, stir fried noodles, Paella, shrimp-boils, or even spice up your popcorn. Some folks have even replaced the salt and pepper shakers in their kitchen with this seasoning as it really wakes up the flavor of home cooked dishes. Due to customer requests, it comes in three other versions: Low-Sodium, Hot, and MSG. The MSG version contains small quantities of an FDA-approved flavor enhancer which is a popular choice among barbecue competitors who like this product. A special custom blended version with both Hot and MSG in one rub is also available for competitors so please call.

Jailbird Chicken – This is the competition rub used to help Harry win the 1st Place USA KCBS Chicken Champion 2012 Team of the Year (TOY) chicken category. The competition takes place over a 1-year period and whomever collects the most points from best-of-ten KCBS sanctioned events is the winner. Harry had placed third in chicken in the nation in 2010 and continued to refine his chicken rub until he hit the top spot in 2012. This rub is recommended on chicken, turkey, duck, and seafood. For tips on how to use this rub in competition chicken, check out Harry’s blog.

Moola Beef – This is the competition rub used to help Harry to win 1st Place KCBS Ranchers Reserve Brisket Cup 2010 and 1st Place KCBS Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup 2011. Harry had the unprecedented honor of winning this prestigious national title two years in a row and received a standing ovation at the pitmasters award ceremony in Kansas City. This award-winning rub which contains special ingredients such as powdered Shitake mushrooms and Worcestershire powder is recommended on brisket, steaks, hamburgers, tri-tip, and sausages.

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  1. Have you done a cook book or brochure? Being able to experience one of your classes is on my bucket list. In the meantime, something like this would be sa-weeet!

    1. Hey Phyllis, am working on an e-book so stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy the complimentary recipes on my website. You can get a championship results with my rub products which are super easy to use. Good luck!

  2. In the description section above the product listing – it mentions a Hot version of the SYD All Purpose – but I don't see it available for purchase?

  3. Big Fan Harry. Just wondering, I am competing at my first ever backyard contest in late May. I placed an order on soupbase for your AP Championship Rub. The contest is ribs only, do you recommend using that rub alone or adding to it? Thanks

    1. Hey Brian:
      The AP will work.
      Just an FYI that numerous teams are taking walks in contests using SYD Chicken on the meat side of ribs and SYD AP on bone side of ribs.
      Best of luck!

  4. Hey Harry I just wanted to thank you for an awesome chicken rub. We started using it last year and this past weekend we got a perfect perfect 180 in chicken using your rub.

  5. Hi Harry

    We're cooking for somebody with a nut allergy at the weekend. Will your All purpose rub be safe to use?



    1. Hey Jimmy:
      I don't have nuts in any of my rubs. My fiance Donna's 11-year old daughter is hospital allergic to nuts and she has been eating my barbecue cooked using my rubs since 2010 with no issues.

    1. Sorry the chicken hat company I purchased from went out of business a few years ago.
      There are some other copy cat ones on the Internet that you might want try out.
      Good luck.

  6. Hi Harry,
    Have you ever thought of running a BBQ class (or 2) in the eastern US ? .. How about Erie, PA ..Erie is right in the middle of Cleveland, Oh, Buffalo NY, and Pittsburgh PA…

    1. Hi Allen:
      Yes, I've taught classes in eastern US. I'm just a bit tied up with my schedule right now. When things ease up, I'll be sure to look into it. For example, I've taught at Fred Bernardo's Tasty Licks store before. If you can't wait, feel free to fly out to enjoy our sunny weather!

  7. Hi Harry,

    Been looking at your recipes and wondering how you feel about injecting your brisket. This will be my fist time trying a brisket.

    1. Hey Ruben:
      I like to inject my briskets for maximum flavor.
      You can try both methods to see which one you like.
      So long as you're having fun and your family enjoys your cooking, how you do it doesn't matter as you're cooking with love.

  8. Hi Harry,'
    I live down under in Au, Would love to use your chicken rub but due to outrageous
    freight costs and the Au dollar it becomes way to expensive. Do you have a similar
    recipe I could use for this and other chicken recipes.
    Appreciate your help

  9. Hi, I was placing an order for some rub, but was stopped cold when I saw the shipping cost for a 12oz. size shaker. I have previously ordered a couple of the larger size bags of the original rubs and the shipping wasn't this much. Is this the actual final cost for shipping? I think some other options should be available.

    Item Total (copied from cart)

    ASYD12-C SYD Jailbird Chicken Rub – 12 oz Remove Item SYD Jailbird Chicken Rub – 12 oz – 11.95 $11.95

    Shipping to 95360 (change) UPS Ground: $17.74 UPS Three-Day Select: $29.54

    Subtotal: $11.95
    Shipping: $17.74

    Total: $29.69

  10. Harry, I live in the Kansas City area. Is there anyone in the area that sells your rubs and sauces.

  11. harry, some time ago I read your site and found where you pretty much spelt out your pork butt competition concoction, I ordered the two sauces and the spices back then (AAU BBQ…Angels Amongst Us) and now I cant find the article I was reading can you guide me Back to it?? I have a KCBS Amateur competition this coming weekend and would love to try your process. Thank You.

    Mark M.

  12. Hello Harry..I wanted to say "thank you" for this awesome product in rub you created. Everyone loves it! You will be hearing from me soon as I'm gonna need more of it! Thanks again!

  13. Harry, Christmas was my third time using my 18.5 WSM. I used your tang-turkey recipe, and for the most part came out great. I have a couple of questions for you though, (since you're the King).
    I had a constant ambient temp of 275. Half way through my cooking (2.5 hours on a 16 lbs turkey), the color was a gorgeous golden brown. At that point I tented it and when the internal temp became 165, the turkey was dark brown. Why it do that after I tented it?
    I'm thinking that WSM ambient temp. gauge could be off.

    I bought an igrill mini temp. for my meat, and temps swing too wild. I didn't even use it for the turkey.
    Do you recommend a dual probe (for meat and ambient temp) that has bluetooth that you stand behind?

    Thank you Harry…And everyone loved the turkey!…:)

  14. Do you have a place where we can buy the aprons or t shirts or any other apparel besides just the rubs?

    1. Hey Brad,
      I have tees in limited quantities in black, and black aprons that feature my logo.
      You can email me directly for tees and aprons.
      Tees are $20 plus shipping and aprons are $30 plus shipping.

  15. I am interested in purchasing all your rubs in quantity,to be shipped to Europe,Greece !Athens
    Please send me an email .thank you

  16. Will You be at this years backyard on the grape 2019? I am going to try to enter and saw you were there in 2018. Would love some pointers on my chicken and ribs! Using your rubs and they are amazing. I placed 7th at the Gilroy Garlic Festival and want to make it first next year haha 🙂

  17. I am looking for the SYD original rub that the cole slaw recipe calls for. I'm not finding it anywhere. Is it the same as the all purpose rub? Thanks

  18. I mixed Harry’s Moola Beef Rub with my rub and won 1st Place Brisket out of 35 teams and 6th place in very first KCBS comp. His beef rub is a proven winner and will continue to use it. I have used other commercial rubs and I can assure you Harry’s beef rub has a total different flavor profile than all the other commercial rubs on the market. I love the bit of sweet it gives, it complements the strong beefy flavor and Asian flavor. I’m ordering another 5lb bag for competitions. Trust me it’s a PROVEN WINNER!!

    1. Congratulations! Looks like the powdered shitake mushrooms, powdered Worcestershire, and citric acid in my Moola helped you win! Thanks for being a customer and may you take many more walks!

  19. Hi Harry
    I saw a very quick knife sharpener in one of your brisket vids…what was it and where can I buy it. I have always had a hard time keeping my knives sharp. I use the Victorinox blades.

  20. Hi Harry,
    I'm wondering if you have t-shirts. Loved to get 1 for my Boyfriend Eddie.
    Thanks Lara from Melbourne Australia

  21. Hey Harry!
    Wanted to ask where I could find the sharpener y pi u use? I've seen other ones but yours seems bad ass!


    1. Some stores in Sydney carry my rubs but none in Brisbane yet. So perhaps you can try stores in Sydney? Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Harry, When I took your class in Diamond Bar, you mentioned a wholesale grocery supply in Diamond Bar or Walnut.This is where you got your ribs. I believe you said to exit the 60 frwy at Fairview. Can you give me the name and location. I have a resale license.

  23. Hi Harry,
    Really enjoy your videos. I would like to know the name of the knife sharpener you use and where I might find one?

  24. Hi Harry, I saw on one of your videos a comment about the temperature controller you use. What is the one you recommend? Your sponsor “Stoker” apparently does not make them any more.

    1. Hey Tracey, yes my buddy John has retired after many decades as an electronics engineer. Here are some options you can consider on my Amazon store. The Guru ones are recommended.

  25. Hi Harry, I recently made some unbelievably delicious pork belly bites. I purchased a 9 lb slab from Snake River Farms for $110. I have seen pork belly at Costco and at Restaurant Depot at a price of 10 lbs for about $20-25 dollars. Is there a real difference in the quality of pork between the two or am I being deceived. People say "pork is pork" with no difference in qualities like in beef grades. What's your thoughts on this?

    1. I'm sure there is a difference in flavors. Best to test A v B to see which one you like and how your pocket handles it!

  26. Harry, its me again. I am trying to buy your BBQ sauce, but I can no longer find it on your website. I called the phone number listed above because I did want to purchase 6 bottles. The person who answered said I must buy 6 cases not 6 bottles and the website was wrong. He sent me to Soupbase, but I couldn't find it there.I have found that your sauce mixed with other sauces makes a great mop sauce for pork. Where can I find your sauce?

  27. I live in the UK and have just purchased a Weber Charcoal Summit BBQ, can you tell me where I can get a Spritzer bottle that you use. We have relatives coming over from North Carolina in a couple of weeks so I could get them to bring one over with them.
    I have already tried a couple of your Rubs and they are excellent.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  28. Can you let me know where I can get one of your Spritzer bottles, I live in the UK but have relstives coming over from North Caroliba in a few weeks time.
    I have just purchase a Weber Summit Work Station which I love.
    Regards, David A Cordock.

  29. Hi Harry – do you have a distributor in Germany? Also, what is the shelf life on a bigger back of rub?

    1. sorry I don't have one unless you're willing to be one! 🙂
      The shelf life is at least 2-years and more if kept in a cool dark spot like the pantry.

    1. Hey Russ, I'm a tiny company and don't have the financial means to send out free samples. We make good products and have many happy Canadian customers and Grand Champions who have used our products.

  30. Dear Harry,

    I recently purchased your rub three pack and BBQ sauce. I used them on some St Louis cut ribs and a roast chicken that I injected with the chicken rub as well as using it on the outside of the bird. The results were very good. The AP rub on the ribs had a very well balanced flavor. I had a back yard taste off between your rub and the rub I usually use. I used Slap Yo Daddy BBQ sauce on all the test ribs. The results were very close but the ribs with the Slap Yo Daddy AP rub was chosen as top tasting rib by all 4 judges. All judges also really lied the sauce. Your products are top quality and I look forward to using them in the future.

  31. Harry Sooo Hi, I would love to try some of your season and barbecue sauce anywhere in Miami Florida that I can buy it


  32. Hey Harry! I have used all of your rubs and have like them all. I make my own sauce. LOL. Im in the Midwest we like a little sweet on the front and heat on the back. I have used the foil method that you recommend and had good results. I am now starting to cook for larger venues and foiling is no longer practical. Do you have any tips on getting the final tenderness like foil, but without using foil. Kinda hard to foil 50 racks of ribs. Secondly how many rib application do you think i can get from a 5 gallon bucket of seasoning? Im planning on my next order

  33. I've just moved to Lakewood, California and am looking for a store that would sell your products in a retail store. Would you happen to know any?

  34. Hey Harry, I'm new to your world and glad I bumped into it! Would phosphate TR be of any value in a dry rub? I make my own simple rub for rib eye and other steaks and just wonder if it would tenderizer/plump up the meat if used as a rub or as ingredient in one.

  35. Harry, I live in Ontario Canada (Toronto area) and I`m looking to find your rubs nearby. They used to carry them at a place called BBQ world in Vaughan but for some reason that ended. I would have them shipped but the cost is just too much. could you please help me locate your product. I have several pellet smoker enthusiasts near me that have tried my bbq with your spices and loved them. I`m sure if they were made available near us they would be a hit. I`m actually about an hour north of Toronto Canada (Barrie area).

    1. Sadly we have not had consistent sales to BBQ stores in Canada and shipping from Cleveland where my co-packer is located is quite costly as I have heard

  36. Hi Harry, just getting into smoking, but also love chargrilled steaks! Would you get a Vission Kamado or a Weber SM 18?? Really enjoying your videos and expertise! I'l be a regularcustomer for sure. THANKS!!

  37. Harry you're the best! Been following you for a while and love your recipes! Going to buy some seasonings to get some championship results!!!!
    Have a great day!

  38. Hi Harry, I watched a Youtube video of you preparing 'competition' chicken thighs where you wet and dry brined the thighs and "scraped" the skin of fat. You sprinkled a 'glue' to the chicken thighs meat to adhere the skin during cooking – what is the 'glue' material composed of? Love your videos & thanks!

  39. Howdy Harry, What small filet knife do you use when working with brisket? I simply want the best available.

    1. About a 3-hour argument and Jerry Springer fist fight. There are proponents that say the best one is the brown as that's what the Texas meat markets have used. Use what you can find is my suggestion.

  40. Good morning Harry. Love your work. Question ; have you used a electric pellet smoker ? Any suggestions? Thanks. T.

    1. Yes, I have several videos for pellet cookers
      GMG Jim Bowie Unboxing –
      Weber SmokeFire 1 First look –
      Weber SmokeFire 2 Demo –
      Weber SmokeFire 3 Cook –
      Weber SmokeFire Pt 1 –
      Weber SmokeFire Pt 2 –
      Cleaning SmokeFire Pt 3 –
      Assembly SmokeFire Pt4 -
      New Parts SmokeFire Pt 5 –
      Lock washer Pt 5 –
      Grease Fire v Grease Flareup –
      SmokeFire Corned Beef Walmart –
      Costco Brisket Flat Coffee Chocolate –
      Walmart Brisket Homemade Injection –

  41. Harry
    I took a class about 2 years ago at your place and afterwards I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain 22. You had a buddy make an after market door which holds the heat in better than the stock one but I no longer see it on your gear list, can you please point me in the direction of one of them doors. I have since moved from California to Oklahoma and your training has made me very popular here. Thanks for teaching me to spread some BBQ love.

    1. Contact Chris Perez at
      For faster response, email me
      I don't check my website comments very often.
      Keep spreading BBQ love and tell your friends about my Youtube channel under Harry Soo

  42. I can now see why the chicken rub is so popular. Tried it on wings yesterday. Just the right amount my of heat and sweet.
    Today I tried the All Purpose Rub on BB ribs. Another winner.
    Used the Beef Rub on a Ribeye but I think I would layer some Montreal Steak Seasoning with it next time.

    1. I'm partnering with Jealous Devil to get into big store chains. We are in ACE is some markets currently Hoping it will expand nationwide

  43. Hi Harry, your beef rub is spectacular. I want to try the others, and I was wondering – is it possible to get the hot rub with MSG? If not, would I be better off adding MSG to the hot rub, or adding heat to the regular? Thank you!

    1. You can use products such as mustard, Worcestershire, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, miso paste, mayo, sour cream, egg whites,cola, beef injection, Maggi seasoning, ketchup, Italian dressing, horseradish, coconut milk, yoghurt

  44. Saw you on T roy cook utube. Also other videos
    and kingsford competitions. Want to try your blends .

  45. Hey Harry,love your bbq videos but there is lne thing l would like to know is where do you get your cowboy straw hats. Any info is greatly appreciated.

    1. I found it in Houston at a contest at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo BBQ contest. I bought it from a vendor there. Sorry I don't know the name as there were many vendors selling hats

  46. Hi,
    I live in Canada. Can you ship your rub to me? I also want to know what does with MSG mean??? I want the all purpose rub, not the hot stuff, because my kids are allergic to hot peepers/spices. I just want the regular stuff.
    If you can ship to canada, please email me.
    Thank you so much,
    Suzana Siimes

  47. Can I use the Moola Beef rub for this recipe and if so should I still add the extra black pepper and celeryseed?

  48. Hi Harry, love your videos and recipes. I’ve got a relative coming back from the States soon and in going to ask her to bring some rubs. Do your rub containers have the bigger holes again now? I’m pretty sure I saw mentioned that due to covid you had to go with generic containers for a while. Just wondered if that’s all been sorted out now?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Dean:
      Thanks for watching my videos and your kind words.
      Before the COVID supply chain challenges we were able to source caps with 3 one-centimeter holes.
      My copacker can only find them sporadically, so temporarily, we buy what is available such as 5-hole and 7-holes.
      I tell my loyal customers to save the one-centimeter caps and use them on new bottles they purchase if the new ones don’t have the holes I specified.
      Comp teams save my caps to use in their chosen comp rubs also. I believe I’m the only person doing one-centimeter caps as they are more expensive than regular ones.

      Thank you very much for your support and business.

  49. Harry,

    You are our BBQ GURU.

    We just made your beef short ribs. GREAT!

    Only problem is we have difficulty getting our 22” WSM up to 270°-300°.

    Any suggestions?


    1. Here are some tips 1) Use a high temp charcoal like Jealous Devil Lump or Briquettes, 2) light a full chimney of briquettes and wait until it is 90% lit before you dump it onto the unlit coals. 3) Keep all 3 bottom dampers full open and top damper full open, 4) Wrap your water pan in foil and no water.
      Put your ribs on the top rack. You should be able to get over 300F, probably close to 375F. Shut down the bottom dampers to keep at 300F.
      Good luck.

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