This blog is my personal call to YOU for action! I’m looking for volunteers to help launch our Grilling Life Skills Program for at-risk youths.
What’s this about you may ask?  In August 2018, we launched a pilot program in partnership with the Hayward Adult School.

The goal of the Grilling Life Skills Program is to provide grilling life skills training to at-risk youth in local communities. Volunteer pitmasters teach basic grilling skills to youth in a half-day day class.  In the pilot, five pitmasters taught about 15 at-risk youths in the Hayward Youth Enrichment Service (YES) program how to develop grilling life skills.  These youths were from foster-care and juvenile-hall and needed support to help to get their lives back on track.
To learn more, you can download the Program Guide and watch the 9-minute Youtube Video.
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Accidental Success

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