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  This is an amazing class!
Harry is not only a great cook, but more importantly – A GREAT teacher as well. The class is very well put together and you will leave with all the tools you need to become a very good BBQ chef.I would recommend this to all who want to get better at cooking and enjoy life more.

 Better than 20 BBQ Books I own
Instructor knew and told every aspect of BBQ process.  I plan to be a Pro and now know what to do to win

 One of best classes I have taken
I am a Certified BBQ Judge and have taken several classes including some in the Mid-West. This ranks way up there as one of the best I have attended

 Worth the plane trip
Well worth even with my flight, hotel, and rental car.  Best BBQ class I’ve taken. Period

 Very Satisfied
I was very satisfied.  Class was a 10+

 Comprehensive coverage
Everything from how to light a fire, cut of meat, to where to purchase meat was covered.  Excellent

 Hands on, fast timeline and speed
Hands on approach was very useful.  I can remember what I did.  I now want an advanced / competition class

I am so happy I learned a lot of techniques.  Class was wonderful.  Keep up the good work

 Tremendous Value
Great food.  Great techniques. Great presentation and course book.  I got my money worth and more

 Everything was demystified
Everything was clearly explained and why certain steps were needed.  Techniques were well described in detail

 Humble and Positive
Instructor was very humble and positive.  Topics were presented graciously taking into account diverse opinions regarding what constituted the correct technique

 Excellent Class Manual
26 page class handout was very well done and the review and summary portions were excellent

First class instruction.  Very organized.

  Thanks wife
After my so-so BBQ for many years, my wife surprised me with this amazing class. No longer mad at her for sending me

  Amazingly delicious BBQ
Easy to understand instruction.  Very helpful for BBQ beginner

  Well done for all levels
Class was very done for all levels.  Would be interested in a competition class in the future

  Hands on works very well
Hands on approach works very well.  Informative and good pace

 Answered all my questions
Good pace. Very informative

  Want to take it one more time
Had a great time.  So much to learn.  Very good class.

  One up on my BBQ buddies
My BBQ buddies are in for a big surprise when they taste what I learned.  I’m not telling I took Harry’s class

 Loved the food
Very informative.  If possible don’t eat too much.  I loved the food and ate too much and got sleepy

 Already knew how to BBQ
Thought my BBQ was pretty good.  Damm.  Until I ate his.  Great class. Learned a lot

  Secrets and Tips Provided
Learned a lot.  Special tips and secrets provided by Harry

  Good Pace, Good Handouts, Good Hands On
Very organized.  Very informative.  Harry has great presentation skills.  Very confident.

  I am glad I came
Everything was delicious.  Class was very well organized. Great job.

  Gifted teacher and communicator
Gifted teacher and communicator and I am really glad I attended the class

  Best thing I have ever done
Single best thing I have ever done! I have attended other cooking classes which have paled by comparison

 Very easy to understand
Nice pace.  Not too many students even with full class made it easy to see everything

  Class size was perfect
Perfect class size to perform hands on activities and to watch instruction

  Loved the small group size
Very informative, simple, and very well taught!

  Proud of my Pitmaster certificate
Spent $25,000 on my outdoor kitchen and grill and still cannot cook.  After class, I’m now a confident Pitmaster.  Thanks Harry!

  Easy to follow
Very impressed overall. It was great to learn all the different meats cooked in class

  Fantastic end results
Fantastic end results which we ate for lunch.  I cannot believe I cooked all that wonderful BBQ with my fellow students

  Long way but really worth it
Drove 500 miles for this class.  Learned so much.  I am ready to impress

  Clear explanations
Clear instructions and explanations whenever students asked for clarifications

  Beyond what I expected
Above and beyond what I expected to be honest for this wonderful birthday gift I received

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  1. Harry puts on a awesome class weather a beginner or seasoned pro you will learn from his teachings everyone should put this class on their todo list thanks Harry you said you were blessed by bbq and wanted to give back you are definately doing that my friend thanks

  2. Five Star Review
    I’ve been smoking and grilling for over 20 years. A friend recommended Harry’s class and my initial thought was,”Why would I need to do this?”; But after reviewing the website I decided to pull the trigger. The class was excellent and I learned many tips and tricks that just might have me another 20 years to figure out for myself. Now I recommend the class to all of my friends. Great job Harry! Thanks.

  3. We took the beginning class and bought our first pit. Harry & Donna make this class so informative we are going to take it again to pick up more info that we missed while trying this gorgeous food. You will leave with a lot of knowledge and wonderfully full belly. We were eating the extra BBQ for a week. We have tried to re-create the ribs and chicken and feel competent after this class to go up against other competitors. You will not be disappointed.

  4. I saw Harry on BBQ Pitmasters and saw he was from California. I did a little research and found out he gave BBQ classes so I signed up. It was awesome! Harry really puts on a great class and really gets you thinking about BBQ. He has spent years learning the tricks of the trade and he holds no secrets from you. BBQ is about bringing people together with great food and Harry has helped me do just that. It doesn't hurt the ego when my friends and family shower me with compliments about my food now. You will not go home hungry as Harry and his staff provide you with great food throughout the day. I made the mistake of eating too much too soon and had little room for the amazing food at the end. I took a BBQ class in the bay area about a month after I took Harry's class and it was like night and day. Harry's class is like flying first class while the other was like riding in the overhead compartment. I don't mean to talk bad about other schools out there. I just want to emphasize that when you take Harry's class you won't have to go anywhere else.

  5. Just completed Harry Soo's BBQ class today. There was so much to learn and so much food to taste. There was never a dull moment as Harry kept things rolling continuously. Highly recommend attending and learn about all the great ways to prepare your next BBQ. Friends and family will love you and the food.

  6. I went to Harry's class last weekend and learned so much! Harry is a fun teacher and explains the "why" behind the grill/smoker, which helps a lot with understanding what's going on in the pit. I immediately came home and made the steak and coleslaw. My family said it was the best steak and slaw I've ever made. This weekend, I'm tackling pork butt and chicken in my new smoker. Take this BBQ class! Harry gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to set you up for BBQ success. Most importantly, he infuses everything he teaches and BBQs with love. He is a really great guy!

  7. Harry is the consummate teacher. He knows that teaching you how to do exactly what he did to win championships isn’t “the one thing” (as Curley put it in the movie City Slickers). Harry knows that “Why” you do something is the key and that really is the gem of his class. But there’s more! He shows you that trying new things is how you get better. Then he backs that with stories that prove it. That is the real diamond mine of this class. And if a diamond mine isn’t enough, you’ll be able to be pushed over with a feather once you get a dose of the compassion this man has for his fellow mankind. Be there or be square.

    1. Hey Chuck, thanks for your support and kind words. I love you too. Life is brief so live it with intensity – Harry Soo

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