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I’ve been meaning to review the Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class that I took last Thanksgiving but have been busy so here goes…

The cost to attend the course is $375 (I think it cost $395 now). Now that may seem like a lot of money but, some of the proceeds from Harry’s classes go to charity and the skills that you attain are valuable if you are serious about BBQ. You also get appetizers throughout the 6.5 hour class, a bag of rub to take home, an all you can eat lunch (pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, brisket, lamb lollipops, sausage, corn bread, Harry’s delicious seared ahi tuna, and so many other delicious dishes), a custom SYD apron, training guide, and a box of BBQ leftovers! In my opinion it is worth the money.

Harry and his fiancé Donna are professionals and they break the class down into what they call “scenes” like a movie. Topics included: food safety, trimming, seasoning, meat quality, rubs, marinades/injections, wood/charcoal, wood flavors, sauces, smokers, thermometers, and techniques for cooking ribs, pork butt and brisket.

I learned or refined my knowledge in smoking meat from a champion BBQ pit master. Harry would also teach us a few of what he refers to his “black belt” or “pro” tips that he has picked up from competing in BBQ competitions.

I totally recommend this class it’s fun, well organized, and COOL!!

I love this class! Harry’s Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class will be one of the best investments you will ever make. He will teach you step by step instruction for the perfect BBQ. He is a great instructor, and is willing to share his infinite knowledge with you. He truly has a love and passion for his craft, and it shows when he teaches you. If you were to try to learn this on your own the money you would of spent on trial and error will be 10 times as much. Whether if you are a back yard BBQer like myself, a competitor, or a famous chef, you will learn something invaluable from this class. It is a hands on class, so it is not just sitting back and watching, you will get your hands dirty. You will learn how to make is famous rub/sauce, meat prep (especially useful if you are a competitor), the science behind the BBQing, and much much more.  I like that the class size is small, usually around 14 students, so you do get a lot of one on one interaction with Harry.  And if you have any future questions after the class, he welcomes emails. He even mentions it, you will have lifetime, free support from him. Come hungry because by the end of the class you will be stuffed, and you get to bring a box of food home too!

I’ve been BBQing for a long time.  Wife gave me this class as a present as she knows I enjoy the hobby.   Both of us loved the class and learned an incredible amount.    Harry mixes a bit of science, a bit of story telling and a lot of hands on to make this a superb experience.   One thing you certainly learn – it isn’t about the equipment.    I will definitely up my game with his rubs/sauces and techniques.    I cannot imagine a better class for this topic.
12/21/2015I will can honestly say that the opportunity I was privileged to spend with Harry and team was one of the most enjoyable and educational experiences I’ve have had.  I hope to sign up for another class with my wife in the near future and continue our BBQ love and growth.

If you love the craft of BBQ, don’t hesitate to sign up!

Than you Harry!
Kirk B

Harry is truly a great guy. He is so generous with his knowledge, time, and resources. I took his bbq class and was there with other novices, but also advanced barbecuers and even three catering company chefs. There are no secrets, he tells you how he does it! He covers the theory behind different parts of the barbecue process like meat selection, barbecue science, wood, fires, rubs, sauces, and philosophy. You’ll have overnight improvement with this class. This is one of the better things I’ve spent time and money on. Thanks, Harry and team.

When you tell people you are spending $375 on a smoking class most people think you are crazy. However, this was one of the best investments I have ever made regarding my passion for cooking. If you would think about the cost alone in meat, charcoal, wood, and equipment I would have had to go through to acquire the skills I learned on one long hard day of cooking with the Champ, I would have greatly exceeded the money I invested. This class works well for anyone, from a complete newbie to an intermediate to the circuit hobbyist trying to hone in  on their first trophy.

What I learned over the course of the day was invaluable. I learned how to properly fire up my pit (which I have been doing wrong), I learned what pits work the best, and how to make “any pit” work for me. I learned how to make a rub from scratch and how to in the future redesign rubs through reverse engineering.

I learned how to cook chicken I WOULD EAT… AND I HATE CHICKEN.

I learned to take a deep breath and roll with my strengths and faults and enjoy both in the process of BBQ.

I look forward to using my new found and reinforced skills with my future cooks and cant wait to try and pull off a competition…

would I do it again? YES and I plan too! I will absolutely do this class again in the future!

I don’t know where to begin.  I have been on the wait list for months and finally got signed up.  This class was more than I could have ever imagined.  I’ve taken cooking classes before but Harry’s class far surpasses any class I’ve ever attended.  What I loved most is that he teaches at every level — from the beginners and how to start a fire to competitors. His passion is infectious and I walked out thinking I should have paid more for all the knowledge I had gained in one day, nonetheless the amount of food that was provided.  I recommend everyone who wants to learn everything from A-Z about barbeque to take this class; you won’t regret it!

Harry debunk all myth of BBQ. His science, “black belt” techniques, and love of BBQ is all in this class. Harry explain his cooking method with science and hands on class really help me become more confident with my BBQ. Thank you Harry for sharing your love.

With zero experience smoking BBQ, Harry’s class is nothing short of amazing.  He explains the science of what’s happening and why his techniques work.  I really enjoyed learning from him and eating all the tasty Q at the end of class.  Highly recommend.

I am a certified BBQ judge and not far from becoming a master judge. I have tasted a lot of BBQ and wanted to learn from the best in CA. This is a very hands on class and you will learn how to cook great BBQ. Also you will eat a lot of great BBQ in his class. Harry does not miss a step as he shows you how to cook all of the four meat basics plus as a added bonus he shows you how to cook other meats as well. I enjoyed every minute of this class.

Well worth the wait.
Harry and his “black belt” tips are worth the price of admission alone.  The food is incredible and the techniques are really amazing. Harry himself is a joy to just be around.  He’s one of those people that just has such a positive energy about him that it becomes infectious.

All the reviews are correct about the knowledge imparted, the skills obtained, and the level of cooking expertise displayed.  There is no hyperbole in any of it.  It is really that good.

The best part?  Lifetime tech support.  After a class, Harry invites… heck, he expects… everyone to stay in touch via email.  He will answer questions about equipment, materials, and cooking tips… forever.  He really loves bbq and it shows in everything he says and does.

Insider tip:  Come hungry and skip the free donuts.  You’ll want the space for other things.

My wife had no idea that I’d go to a class and return home with not just a deeper knowledge of food but the ability to explain why exactly I love it so much.
Harry has the teaching ability of a college professor and the energy of a 5th grader whose had to much candy hahaha I learned more in 6 hours about cooking and the love behind it then I have in the 8 years I’ve seriously been cooking.

I went in expecting to learn about BBQ and left feeling like family and couldn’t have been more satisfied with my experience!

This was the best Xmas gift ever….I mean ever.  Harry provides such a detailed lesson plan that even I left knowing that I can make some great BBQ.  He gives us many, many recipes and I have already begun to use them.  Everyone receives a container of food to take home so pace yourself when you eat and taste throughout class.  I overate, not wanting to miss tasting the results of his spices and flavor.   I generally do not eat brisket, Tri Tip, etc., but this was the best.  We learned detailed information on how to prepare 15 different meats.  You can’t beat this class and I can comfortably say that it was worth ever dollar.  There were BBQ business owners, BBQ competitors and just plain folks like me in the class.   If you have watched the pitmasters on cable TV and would love to to learn how to bbq like them, enroll now.

My brother-in-law and I took Harry’s course a few weekends ago and it was fantastic!  Harry is a wonderful teacher and the information is presented in a manner that is not only useful, but makes sense, and easily retainable. There is not a single wasted moment during the class.  Harry takes every opportunity throughout the day to provide tips and instruction.  I have no qualms about recommending this class to anyone who wants to up their BBQ ability. It exceeded my wildest expectations, and was well worth the price of the class.  If you are on the fence about taking the class I’m telling you Harry is a master teacher and you will not be disappointed.

If there was a 10 star option on Yelp, I would have given him a ten.  I just attended a few days ago and was amazed not only is he a great chef, but he’s a great chef that has the ability to teach others.  He is passionate for his art and is eager to teach it to you.  How often do you get a chance to learn from the master….. He’s a cooking Sensei.  You will be happily amazed with his class.  By the way we had the honor of also learning from a top notch competion BBQ judge.  Thanks for the great experience Harry.  I will follow your example and bring people closer through cooking BBQ.

I was a great grill person before the class… Now I don’t know what I was ever thinking. Harry is the man, he has a wonderful ability to impart information without making you feel stupid. I have people beating my door down now begging for me to BBQ for them (NOT GRILL)…THANK YOU SO MUCH.

After almost half of a year trying to attend to this class finally did it. I can agree 100% with all the comments here, harry is an amazing teacher and person he not only teach you to cook, he also show you how to see and make everything in your life thru bbq. In about 7-8 you will learn a lot of tips and ways to make you a pitmaster.

Harry’s Backyard Pitmaster Class was AWESOME!  So much more than I possibly imagined. He is so informative and makes everything fun & interesting!  It’s totally hands on and you really learn the techniques from one of the very best in the BBQ World!  I highly recommend for everybody!12/23/2014
I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed a class this much!
Harry is a unique and beautiful individual willing to share intricate details of barbequing that have taken him years to perfect.
I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.   Looking forward to…as Harry says…”SPREADING THE LOVE!!!”
Thank you for this enjoyable experience and memory!!!!   I never knew a pork butt, brisket, prime rib, chicken, ribs, Ahi, even sausages could taste that delicious!!!!


Some of the best instruction on preparing award winning bbq….great teacher and an awesome end result….I suggest everyone book a class and learn from the master of bbq.

This was one of the best gifts that my family ever gave me.  Harry’s class was OUTSTANDING and I learned so much about the art, love of BBQ and I would say that he sped up my learning the actual art by 5 years at least.
I say if you can find one Harry’s classes in your area sign up NOW and if he’s competing some place you can get to, get there ASAP and just watch and listen and experience his expertise.
You are amazing Harry and thank you!

I took the class today with Harry. I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint. Harry was great and it seemed like all in our group enjoyed. The previous reviews have just about everything covered, so I will be brief. Great time and great food. Certainly worth checking out!! I highly recommend it.

I took Harry’s BBQ class last year and I have been utilizing the skills that he taught us ever since and my family really enjoys it.  My BBQ methods and results have taken a great step forward.  Harry and Donna Fong make the class so enjoyable and educational because of their passion for Q.  They show you, and then put your new found skills to use while entertaining you with their stories.  If you are interested in BBQ’ing Harry’s class should be on your bucket list.  Whether pro or backyard, I highly recommend taking this class, you will remember it forever.

Last weekend my son and I took Harry ‘ s bbq course. It was beyond outstanding. His passion and love for bbq was wonderful to experience. The chance to learn the tricks of the trade from one of the leading Pitmasters was a thrill for all who attended. Harry is a g-d and we were so fortunate to have had the chance to learn from the master.
Highly recommended the course if you can get in.

What a great class!!! I wanted to surprise my fiancé with this class for our anniversary and Harry and his assistant Mimi helped me make it possible. He came home so excited and so eager to get out back and start smoking. He said it was a great learning experience and he also said that Harry is such a genuinely nice guy willing to help you achieve your goals. Hoping there is some kind of alumni class or second level class to sign him up for in the future!!

Harry takes the patience to lecture and show an extensive barbecue class. You will be surprised how down to earth and intricate his techniques are. There’s always room for questions with Harry and it’s a small class so you don’t have a lot of outside distractions. They’re also other dishes that he showcases and teaches which shows his love of the culinary arts also. The class is not just a barbecue class but also a good way to experience Harry’s passion and love for people up close. Great class and tons of food to bring home. Will definitely spend the money to attend a class in future.

Great class, super informative and very interactive. Harry is a fabulous teacher and around great guy to chat with. Can’t over stress how valuable it is to have a profession brisket, chicken, etc cooked in front of your eyes, ears and nose! What does proper bark feel like? You’ll have the chance to watch it develop, test it with your own hand, and learn on to maximize it.

I’d been trying to get Texas brisket right for about 10 years. Never turned out 100% until the I took this class. First one i cooked after Harry provided some essential tricks and insights was better than anything I can buy short of flight to Austin. No kidding.

p.s. they send you home with leftovers…

Harry this was one of the best things I have ever done . I have always loved cooking and BBQing . You have definitely stepped up my game . Your class was fun and tasty ! Thank you keep up the love. David Orduno

I took Harry’s class this past weekend. If you are on the fence about taking Harry’s class, I hope this review will tip you over the edge. While not cheap, this class will more than pay for itself in terms of the savings on meat that you won’t be messing up to learn on our own. The tasting portion is also incredible, since you will have a chance to taste what true championship bbq is supposed to be. If ever Harry and Donna decided to open a restaurant, I’d be one of a long line of willing investors.

Harry’s class is a step by step process from meat selection to carving, and you are able to ask him questions at any time for clarification on any step. It is very hands on, so you will practice what is being taught when it is taught.  Note also that the class runs are a pretty quick pace so you won’t even notice the time flying once all is said and done.

Harry and his crew are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their class and their product. I’m still digesting the tremendous brain dump of information, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take this class again if I feel the need for a refresher.

Went  to Harry’s 101st Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class. It was far more educational than I had expected, and he made it so much fun. Afterwards, I ate so much BBQ I could hardly breath. I have ordered the Smokey Mountain Cooker and plan on putting it to good use as soon as it arrives.
Thanks to Harry and his crew!

If you love real BBQ (not just grilling) you have to take this class. Pit Master Harry Soo will teach you everything from how to start your BBQ so that it will last  over 12 hours, how to make a rub, infuse meats, create a smoke ring on your beef, smoke and test for tenderness, and much more.  It was a Saturday well spent and I gained knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime.

Super fun time at Harry’s house with my brother.  Learned some real trade secrets and then got to eat the food we made!  Special menu for our class, besides the regular 15 dishes that are typically made, we got to enjoy holiday Lamb Lollipops and a Prime Rib. Once in a lifetime experience.  Harrys new fiancé is also part of the class and also a Grand Master Pit Master, bonus!
Thank you Harry and Donna!!

I’m an 2013 Slap Yo Daddy class alumni (giving my special Slap hand sign)….. I haven’t taken a BBQ class before but I’ve seen some videos and read some articles.    I was reading about BBQ classes on and found out about this.   Noticed it was in the area and signed up.

Harry’s class was very fun and educational.   Harry is very modest but has been to the big show (Jack Daniels Invitational) and won over 50+ first place championship including team of the year, multiple state championships,  winner of season 1 of Pitmasters and more!   If you want to learn, learn from the best.

If you have a passion for BBQ and live near So Cal, this is the place for you!  Sign up for a day class and it will be the best $$$ you have spent in a looooong time.
Priceless to me in terms of knowledge learned today.  Harry is a great man with a great soul and I am honored to have been made a student of his Pitmaster program.

I flew in from Chicago to take Harry’s class & just learning his method was worth every penny. Harry is a class act & loves to share what he knows about bbq. You will learn hands on techniques from one of the best pitmasters in the country. I highly recommend this class to anyone that loves to cook bbq, beginner or not.

This is an fantastic class for beginners as well as intermediate backyard BBQ’ers.  Harry is a great instructor with the ability to impart all of his knowledge while keeping you entertained.  Do not be deterred by the cost of the course, it is well worth it and you will not be disappointed.  All aspects of BBQ (A thru Z) are thoroughly covered.  Take the class  and step up your BBQ game!

I attended BBQ class today….Harry, Donna, and staff did a wonderful job. Anyone that loves BBQ will benefit from this workshop. It was a wonderful day!! It is best said, Harry has a passion, and share’s his love !!! It will change you….for GOOD.
Dennis A

This class was worth every dime!  Whether you are an expert or someone who only has dined on BBQ at Lucille’s, Harry can teach you how to create delicious food.  He is an outstanding presenter who keeps you entertained while teaching.  The information we walked away with after only a day of learning will improve my skills in basic cooking as well as backyard barbequeing.  You walk away full of information and food!

Wow, what an awesome class. If you are considering attending this class you will be doing yourself a disservice by not attending. So much ground is covered with “HANDS ON” training. Not only do I give this class two thumbs up, I will be going back in a couple months.
Thank you Harry,
Michael Barton

Learning the art and love of BBQ from the master Harry Soo was truly a privilege. BBQ is a life long journey and what Harry teaches in a couple hours will kick start the journey . I came into the class on an overcast Saturday morning with high expectations because of the amazing reviews. Not only did it meet my expectations, it blew them out of the water.The class has a good pace that keeps everyone involved and interested. I first learned real BBQ when I worked for a street fair BBQ booth. I know the basics and I have cooked thousands of pounds of meat. My goal was to get to the next level. I wanted to learn how to really smoke BBQ to wow. Harry is so passionate about BBQ, you just want to take what he teaches you and cook everything. There is not a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said. I have tried a lot of BBQ and what Harry smokes up has been the best so far.What you learn is the basis for a lifelong love of BBQ and the tips and tricks you need to compete. With Harry’s success on the BBQ competitions, I have a feeling his class will be even harder to get into and for good reason. I had a great time and hope in the future he might open up and advanced type of class or even one that involved grilling different types of food.The cherry on top is that Harry donates money to his charities and it really shows what kind of person he is it give back. Beginner or competitor, if you are interested in BBQ and can get into his class it will be a worthwhile investment for BBQ happiness.

I have been BBQing for 20+ years and am considering entering the competition arena.
Took Harry’s class last weekend and it was the best I have seen so far. Some review for me but the majority were Ah Ha moments that will improve my end product.
Probably will repeat the class in the future after I enter a contest(s) and would recommend it to anyone…………….

I love BBQ!!!  I started a business in 2006 selling grills and BBQ’s.  I fell in love with BBQ and have done a lot to try and perfect my recipes. SO much, that I also started a BBQ catering company.   Knowledge is power and I felt that this class would help become a better Pitmaster.
I was amazed with this class.  It took my knowledge and respect for BBQ to another level.  I took this class yesterday and cannot wait to incorporate what I learned into my creations.
Harry breaks down the scientific process of BBQ and gives you a better understanding of how it all comes together.  Why things happen the way that they do and what to look for and expect.  It was amazing!
The class is hands on and Harry does a great job teaching his methods.  The secret to success?!?!?!  Love and passion.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. (insert gang sign here)

I can’t say enough good things about this class. Harry is passionate about, and loves BBQ. I share his enthusiasm, and was hoping he could help me improve my skills.  He did so much more than that.  This class is hands on, and he covers  a lot of topics.  I learned so much, and Harry is a gracious and patient teacher.
I’ve been working my pit for years, and was pretty good at it too, if I don’t say so my own self, but this class brought me up to a new level of understanding.
So glad I took the Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Pitmaster class.

Someone once told me that i don’t have to know it all.. but you do need to know who to ask for help when you need it. and when it comes to BBQ. Harry Soo is that man.
Save yourself years of trail and error and take this class. This class will take anyone from zero to hero in 6 short hours. The wisdom and love that Harry will impart on you is amazing. save time and money with his proven process and resources.  i cannot recommend this class enough. if there is an advanced class.. sign me up Harry. Your the best!!! Thank you Sir

An awesome group of people come together for these classes: Restaurateurs, competitors, aspiring competitors, caterers, bbq judges, ordinary backyarders such as myself. The sum of parts is greater than the whole. Harry is a fantastic host/guru/teacher and an admirable human being.

The Backyard 101 class is amazing. In addition to his techniques, Harry also explains a lot of the science and reason behind whats going on inside a pit. There is lots of hands on learning and plenty of time for questions.
And then of course there is the food. I can not explain in an articulate way how amazing it was. To say it was the best BBQ I’ve ever had wouldn’t be enough.
I highly recommend this class to anyone who is even mildly interested in BBQ.

I have been cooking KCBS competition BBQ for the last 4 years.  The knowledge I learned from Harry will improve my chances of winning competitions and it will improve my backyard BBQing.  I highly recommend Harry’s class if you are a beginner or you are an experienced Pitmaster.


taking Harry’s class will teach you more than all the cookbooks you have on your shelf. Highly recommended.

This was my first BBQ class and I’m glad I went with the best. Harrys passion for spreading love through BBQ made the class fly by. I never knew that there could be so much to know about BBQ.
I’m not interested in competing, just cooking great food for friends and family.
Not only is his BBQ knowledge immense but he’s got a talent for teaching and really enjoys himself.
A true gentleman Teacher!

This class was one of the best thing I have ever done to help me take the next level. I’m going to enter my first Comp in Scottsdale AZ. Thanks Harry for everything, looking forward to seeing you down the rod some where. If you ever have the chance to take one of Harry Soo’s class in your area don’t hesitate, just do it. Even if your just going to use his information in your backyard BBQ, you will be the hit of your friends and family.

This is the class to go to!!!  Harry knows BBQ and is willing to share his knowledge with his students not only at class but after when it really counts and you need good BBQ to impress your family and friends or if you are a competitor and need to impress the judges.  This is a class which is MORE than worth the registration fee.  Learn Harry’s methods and then you can adapt them to your tastes. My first brisket after the class was amazing compared to before the class.  I am confident our team scores will be much better at the next competition
Ed R.
SYD Alumni

Harry Soo’s BBQ class is outstanding! His is by far the best cooking class I have attended..  Harry has a true love for BBQ and for sharing his knowledge of it.
Harry will help you to finally achieve Pitmaster status.  I can’t wait to apply what I have learned.

This class exceeded all my expectations. Growing up on a farm in Arkansas butchering, cooking, smoking, all our own meats i thought i knew quite a bit about BBQ. Wrong now i know quite a bit if I were grading this class it would get an A+.
Kevin Crook

This was the perfect experience for my team helpful tips provided superb staff on hand.

I got this as a gift from our staff for Christmas. I can honestly say its the best gift we’ve ever gotten from them.
The class was fabulous and now I have the confidence to execute BBQ I never would have tried before taking Harry’s class.
Since returning from the class, I’ve ton a ton of BBQ and it always gets rave reviews. I’d recommend this class to anyone. It’s informative and a blast.

Class taught by the #1 BBQ cook in California and Arizona 2 years straight!  Slap yo Daddy was also the 3rd place team IN THE ENTIRE NATION!!!!!! for 2010
I took the class in October of 2011 and learned exactly what I needed to do to take my BBQ cooking to another level.  After taking the class you also have the support of Harry Soo himself and the other students through e-mail!!  This class is totally worth the time and money.
This class definitely does not disappoint!  Join the SYD family and take the class!

I flew to LA to take this class.  I’ve always loved to BBQ, but got a new smoker and wanted to learn from a master.  My goal was to learn how to do all the basic BBQ meats well, whenever needed.  The class is perfectly organized and hands-on.  More important than learning Harry’s exact recipes (which he does teach), he goes over all the BBQ concepts in great detail.  I can vary the recipes depending on who I’m cooking for and still know how to do it.  If you pay attention to the smoking concepts Harry covers, you’ll be able to BBQ anything well.  Harry answers every question you might have in great detail.  Unlike another class I’ve taken, Harry does not sell anything during his class.  All the ingredients he uses can be bought at the local market and most can be bought in bulk at warehouse stores.
I love impressing family, friends and coworkers with the BBQ skills I learned from this Harry’s class. Nothing gets more compliments at a party than tender, flavorful, smoked brisket.  I’ve done probably ten of them since taking this class a year ago.  The amount of meats and sides you learn in the day is incredible, due to how organized this class is run.
Harry is a nice person that makes you feel welcome at his home.   He’s glad to answer questions at any time after taking his course and answers by email quickly.  I’ve highly recommended this course to a lot of people because you’re learning a skill you’ll always have the rest of your life.

Took Harry’s November 19th class and had a blast. Enjoyed learning all that Harry had to offer. Being a backyard BBQer, I just wanted to be able to learn as much as I could so that I could start on this great venture of BBQ. Harry’s straight forward approach to BBQ makes it simple and fun to learn.  The Harry you see on TV is a nice and friendly guy that has a huge passion for the sport of BBQ and its nice too know that meeting him in person is the same.  Harry’s class is a hands on learning experience that moves quick through every aspect you need to know.  At the end of the class, everyone is able to enjoy and taste all the BBQ we made.  The food was GREAT!!!!  Thanks again the for the fun and the sharing the knowledge!

I took Harry’s class being totally new. I didn’t even have a smoker yet. I took many notes even though he gave a book of what he was doing, and what we should do at home. He also suggested when we should take pictures. Those have been a blessing, as it was monthes before I could get a smoker. Harry warned us to “pace ourselves” when we would eat the courses prepared. LOL, nobody did I think we all waddled to our cars when class was over. It was a full day of instruction, laughs, and a great feeling for all who were there. Harry is a wonderful human being, and it showed in his teaching. The follow-up from him has been wonderful. You have a full year to message him with questions, which he is very prompt to respond to. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to any person whether going into it full time, or just a person like myself who wanted to learn to cook great Q. On the price, it was affordable for me, where other Pittmasters classes were way out of my league. Harry, you rock! Thanks for offering such a great class and keeping the price low so all can learn your skills and be “hero’s of their neighborhood”. 😀 Aunt Dede

Great class for anyone who wants to learn a lot about BBQ!  I would highly recommend to anyone aspiring to competition BBQ or as Harry puts it, wants to be a “backyard hero”.  Definitely increases your  learning curve.  Was able to start the next week impressing my family and friends with my new found BBQ knowledge.

Awesome informative class!

This is the ultimate BBQ experience. You will learn all about techniques and methods from a very passionate BBQ guru Harry Soo. Here are a couple of pictures and a glimpse of our class.

I attended Mr. Soo’s class back on October 1st and till this day he continues to go out of his way to answer our questions and give helpful advise, This was a Great class , Great hands on material, easy to follow, I cant say enough, and I cant thank Mr Soo enough for turning us into back yard hero’s…  I highly recommend this class for cooks interested in competing in B B Q tournaments , and for that person who host cookouts in the back yard, Best b b q class ever…

My husband & I received 2 classes for our 40th wedding anniversary from family & friends.  We had no idea what a treat we were in for.  Harry makes this an outstanding hands on experience.  We learned about rubs, his secret seasoning, injecting marinades, cuts of meat, where to buy the meats & prep of the charcoal which always mystified me.  We flew though 4 -5 hours of classes, then the eating frenzy began.  The food was incredible – from appetizer, all the bbqed meats, cole slaw to the homemade corn bread.
I felt like a kid in a candy store, only this candy was savory, juicy, luscious, tender and so satisfying.  And, we actually helped in the preparation.
YELP needs to have a six star rating for SLAP YO DADDY BBQ.  Thank you Harry Soo for sharing!!!!

I received this class as a Christmas gift and it was by far the most informative and delicious day I’ve ever had. In one short day everything I was told by the so called experts was turned upside down and my BBQ is much better as a result. Even if you are just a hobby BBQ guy like me you will not believe the amount of knowledge you will glean in one dY. Harry is a great teacher and I will be taking another class this winter!

Harry professes we should share the love, the love of good BBQ.  And his class is the perfect place to learn about the art of loving a piece of meat to perfection in the BBQ.  There is a great camaraderie with 16 other students and Harry, walking you step by step through preparation of rubs, injections, seasonings, meat selection and preparation, fire pit building for a long cooking process, and the entire aromatic journey during the day of the transition from “just another piece of meat” to a wonderful, savory, juicy slice of heaven.  The environment is perfect, the instructor is motivated and a joy to learn from.  My experience turned me into a BBQ maniac, from quick acquisition of the right equipment to multiple meat preparation to “share the love” with my family and friends.  Harry’s class is an event anyone who loves to prepare fantastic food should attend.  Thanks for infecting me with the BBQ fever, Harry.  I will return for another class.
Russell Sahlin

A friend & I flew from Chicago to take Harry’s class. His technique alone was worth the price! He will teach you great BBQ & also throw in a few side dishes while you’re waiting for it to get done. Harry is a class act. When I’ve run into some problems, I email Harry. One time he couldn’t help me, so he got me in contact with someone who could. Harry is great! The class is great! I highly recommend anyone just starting out in BBQ or even those who are experienced to take this class. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a wonderful class for anyone interested in learning more about BBQ. You will get to learn great techniques from a excellent teacher and get to enjoy some of the results. I can’t recommend this class enough for anyone who enjoys grilling or BBQ.

“Don’t fall into the pool. “Sage advice from Harry Soo, Pitmaster of the hottest BBQ team on the west coast. I’m in Harry’s back yard, its early in the morning and Harry wants to make sure our day doesn’t include an unscheduled “trip” into his swimming pool. That is important because there are 15 other folks sharing space wrapped around a wonderful outdoor kitchen while Harry begins to explain his tips and techniques for making fantastic BBQ.
It’s not long before I forget the unseasonably cold weather and instead of falling into the pool I jump in head first. Not into the swimming pool though, I jump headlong into the vast pool of knowledge Harry is sharing with us. Harry holds little back, reviewing BBQ basics of starting fires, meat selection and preparation, temperature control, flavor profiles, and everything else all the way to the magic question: When is it done?
We all learned that it’s done when it’s done, and not before. This class was incredibly well done. You’ll get your money’s worth and more. It is hands-on and at the end of the day you’ll have participated in the preparation, cooking and eating of more than a dozen different tongue tingling treats.
I went home and the next day I was able to cook one of the best BBQ meals my family has ever eaten. The main difference was that now I know how to create the flavors I am looking for and I am confident that I can duplicate the results. Every time. That’s almost impossible to do if you’re a back-yard BBQ junkie. But that’s the great thing about this class. At the end of the day you’ll know how to prepare and cook anything, and cook it until it’s done.
So “suit up” and get ready for a great day at the pool. Just don’t bother with a towel… all you’ll need is napkins.

Harry’s class is the greatest. Besides learning the basics of smoking meat, it was fun . Harry shared alot of what he does during the  BBQ competitions like how to set up the coals for a slow burn. I went to his class with my married son. It was birthday present to him. With what he taught me in class, I was able to smoke some wonderful meals for family gathering. I want to go back for an advance class.

Harry Soo opened his house and shared his passion for BBQ with everyone.  The class was outstanding!!!!  Learned about the various tools, equipment, meat, spices, etc. and where to obtain them at the lowest prices.  Highly recommended!!!  Harry’s passion and personal warmth made the entire day something memorable.

I have been cooking BBQ and competing on a team here in Southern California for the last six years.  I met Harry a few years ago and have been one of his greatest supporters on the BBQ circuit.  I decided to enhance my BBQ skills by taking some classes offered by some other big name BBQ competitors out of state.  I spent quite a few dollars for transportation, hotels and rental cars.  Though I did learn a lot from the out of state class, I feel I learned a whole lot more when I finally took Harry’s class in February 2011.  The cost is much less than I spent for the out of state class and the info was much more useful as I also cook on a Weber Smoky Mountain.
Harry’s approach to low and slow BBQ cooking is as a minimalist.  It doesn’t take big cookers, expensive equipment or top secrets.  You learn the science of cooking from Harry.  what to look for at critical stages of your cook, how to monitor meats without a thermometer, organization, timing, trimming of meats, injection, seasoning, saucing, setting up your smoker, woods to use and what to look for when shopping for your meats.
Yes, you also get a very useful syllabus and lot of Harry’s own tried and true recipes which have won him grand championships but better than that Harry also is willing to answer any questions you have months after the class.   The most important aspect of this class is not the recipes but the process Harry teaches.
I highly recommend this class to backyard cooks as well as competition level cooks.

Harrys BBQ Pitmaster class was awesome! Whether you are a casual backyard cook looking new ideas or a seasoned BBQ competition competitor looking to take it to the next level, I recommend you take his class. He takes you from the basics of food safety, selecting meat, to rubs and sauces all the way to actual cooking. The best thing about the class is it is hands on, you get to prep and cook the food, then you get to eat it!

I attended Harry’s class in April 2011 after hearing about it from two co-workers who took the class and loved it.  I had recently purchased an electric smoker and smoked a few things thinking I knew what i was doing.  A few month later took the class and was blown away how detailed, organized and informational Harry was.
Harry explains the do’s and dont’s and as well as the hows.  The class setting was great and facilitated the learning process.  Harry made the class very interesting, fun and worthwihile.  The food sampled was out of this world, and made me want to get smoking as soon as possible.
Since the class, I have become very popular with my friends and family and consider smoking meats one of my favorite pastime passions.  I have since graduated to the Weber Smokey Mountain and now smoke meats the proper way.
If anyone is considering taking this class, do it!  I guarantee you will thank yourself and reap the benefits for years to come.  I consider Harry my mentor and guru and someday hope to compete just like him.

I was fortunate enough to attend Harry Soo’s BBQ Pitmaster class on October 15, 2011 and all  I can say is WOW! I have been cooking since I was a child. I was taught by my mother and grandmother. I attended culinary school after high school for about three years. I have just recently in the last few years developed a passion for BBQ. I received this class as a gift from family members here in California as well as back home in Louisiana. I thought I cooked bbq pretty darn good but as I found out after taking Harry’s class, I had an incredible amount to learn.
Harry’s class in top notch. He grabs your attention and doesn’t let up for an instant throughout the whole class. His explanations and attention to even the smallest detail is incredible. Just when you think, “Hey, I got this.”, Wham!! You learn something else. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to learn from a real BBQ champion. I would highly recommend  Harry’s class to anyone who wants to learn authentic American competition style bbq. I promise that you will not be disappointed. I think the thing that impressed me the most is that I learned as much in this one class, as you would in an entire weekend BBQ camp. Thanks Again Harry, Your Class was Awesome. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I took this class in March of this year.  That was one of the best days of BBQing I have had.  I learned lots of basics and even more of the last couple of secrets needed to succeed in the competitive BBQ world.
The class is geared to everyone.  No one is left behind and the lessons make so much sense.  I have seen Harry teach at a number of competitions and many have used his teachings to improve their taste and scores.
This class is strongly suggested for anyone wanting to become a better Pitmaster.  The class covers everything.  You learn how to purchase quality meat as a start to a great flavor at the end.  The seasonings and sauces are readily available to any and everyone.
I can’t wait for BBQ 102.  Thanks for a great class and for showing so much class in everything you do!

Harry is the Obi Wan of BBQ. His techniques and flavor profiles are hard-earned, through meticulous testing and countless competitions. The results can be seen in all the championship trophies that fill his garage. Though the flavor profiles taught are not exactly his most current (nobody gives that away 100%), his techniques are dead on. Even seasoned competitors will likely come away with many useful pearls. The backyard BBQ’er will instantly be elevated to the best in his/her neighborhood. Highly recommended.

I was sent to this class by my mother and her husband. I drove from Stockton, Ca down to Diamond Bar, got four hours of sleep and then it was BBQ time.. and it was amazing time! You can’t go wrong with hands-on learning to make amazing BBQ, eating amazing BBQ, and meeting lots of nice people. The knowledge I took away from this class has made me feed lots of people who now think that I am the most amazing BBQ cook they have ever known. I highly recommend taking this class.

Excellent class! I have been doing BBQ (low and slow smoked meats) for many years and have an extensive food and cooking background including writing food articles. I did BBQ pretty darn well (I thought) until I tried some of Harry’s BBQ at an event and decided to take his class at his home in Diamond Bar.
Harry is an award-winning Pitmaster on the KCBS circuit and has was on the first season of the TLC BBQ Pitmasters show. He’s won countless grand championships and many huge BBQ events.
We all learned a lot of great tips from Harry on how not only to improve your backyard BBQ, but how to do it for competition as well. We cooked up about 16 items and all had a huge feast at the end.
Harry overall is a great teacher and knows how to explain both the techniques of cooking BBQ, but the science behind it as well. Sort of the “Alton Brown” of BBQ. And he does it on inexpensive Weber smokers that anyone can afford – no need for those multi-thousand dollar rigs for Harry to win!
A couple of weeks later I was able to smoke up a whole brisket, port butt, ribs and sausage on a single day with my Weber Kettle to great success!
Great fun – great day – great teacher! I highly recommend it!

My fiancée purchased this BBQ class for my 30th birthday, and it was the BEST birthday present I have ever received!  I can’t say enough good things about Harry’s class.  Highly recommended 🙂

Attended the BBQ class which ultimately resulted in my ability to cook good to great BBQ.  The process was easy to follow and simple to replicate.  Harry’s demeanor allowed for all questions to be answered and in concise/understandable terms. His mantra is “cheap and good” which includes the recommended equipment for creating awesome BBQ; most products he utilizes to consistently win BBQ contests across our great nation are purchased from Wal-Mart.  The class content covers the full gamete for BBQ enthusiasts; from the novice, advanced and all in between, the learning process flows easily which makes it easy to retain the information and it also allows every participant to have “hands-on” experience.

Learned more from this BBQ class than I would have buying any number of BBQ books.    If you want to learn to BBQ for fun or as a start to compete this is a great way to go.

My BBQ was always good, now it’s great.  I have only been to a couple of other cooking classes and one other BBQ class, and SYD was much, much better.  He teaches the class in way that encourages you to adjust the recipes to make them your own. My ribs, brisket and pulled pork are to-die-for.  My oldest daughter is a vegetarian, except for when she comes for a visit, she always ask that make a brisket. The only bad side of the class is I am now always volunteered to do the cooking for family and friend get togethers.

October 8, 2011 ‘Slap Yo Daddy’ Class Alumni. What a shock folks… technically I am reviewing a BBQ class. Not a BBQ restaurant… a class and the BBQ teachings/results from that class. A Pitmaster Class actually. No valet parking, no maître-d’, no bar, no coupons, no kid friendly high-chairs. A hands on, BBQ class and taught by the recognizable Harry Soo, a BBQ champion. I cannot remember when I have seen and read a “5-Star” rating for a BBQ class, (and for that matter, I can’t remember reading a ‘Star’ rating for BBQ restaurant).Some folks may read this review and scratch their head… especially when reading the BBQ team name… “Slap Yo Daddy BBQ”. The name may seem pugilistic, but really it is just a colorful play on words for the BBQ team name and more importantly the complete opposite of the man that runs the team. Within a short period of time upon meeting Harry, you realize he is very passionate about BBQ food, the technical aspects of how it is done, passing on what he knows, philanthropic endeavors and making people happy with his BBQ food or what he calls… passing on “love”. The impression made on me, Harry is truly a very nice and considerate man and good human being… who can cook and compete in BBQ championships and win.So…Why Should You Attend Harry’s Class? I have been cooking since I was 6 years of age and BBQ Smoker cooking (not grilling) since 1992. My rub I use today I invented in 1993-94. At Harry’s class… I learned many things. If you are a novice person (or couple) that was mesmerized by “TLC BBQ Pitmasters” where you probably saw Harry and it lit a spark to learn, Harry is a great place to start learning. In my opinion, the money spent is well worth it and you definitely get your money’s worth. If you are an accomplished and serious Pitmaster, I would bet more than likely you will learn something at Harry’s class that will improve your BBQ. Harry proclaims that his teaching style is “Alton Brown” in nature and I would agree. Thus I like that type of teaching. Personally, I went to learn about BBQ competitions and the result was mission accomplished. Moreover, Harry gave me some ideas that improved my technique in establishing my flavor profiles for BBQ. I won’t copy Harry’s flavor profile… I have my own…  (might be stupid on my part since he is Number 1 in California and Arizona) but I did improve and I did learn.  What more can you ask for? You will meet people, they will become your alumni and you will have BBQ homework. This will be the first time in your life you will be able to tell your teacher… “Mr. Soo, my family and friends ate my homework”… and the teacher will smile and give you an ‘A’.

This is a fantastic class! Harry manages to de-mystify the art of BBQ with his direct, hands-on teaching approach. His enthusiasm for BBQ and as importantly giving back to the community is infectious. I attended with my son and a good friend and the three of us have had many wonderful meals as a result of this class.

Harry is a great teacher and generously shares his love of BBQ with all the students.  Lots of hands on instructions and great food.

Harry’s class went beyond my expectations.  Not only was the class extremely well organized but it was hands on as well.  Everyone in the class participated in every phase of preparing mouth watering BBQ.  We trimmed meat, loaded and lit the smoker, seasoned and prepped the meat, created rubs and made BBQ sauce.  The class was full of information and while the meat was cooking we were learning about food safety and presentation.  Harry has amassed a wealth of BBQ knowledge and shares it generously with his class.  Not only is this for the backyard BBQ champ but for the seasoned BBQ competitor as well.  Thank you again Harry for all the great information, tips and tricks!

Absolutely loved the class, and Harry!  Everything was so organized and easy to follow.  We made a ton of delicious BBQ, and got to take some home.   I have since been able to impress my friends…..they can’t believe  I learned so much in one class.  I feel like a BBQ master….but we did learn from the best!!!

Harry teaches his class very methodically and hands on so you really walk away with a lot of knowledge.  He’s also got a great sense of humor which makes the day a lot of fun.  He’s very responsive after you’ve taken your class.  In fact, I’ve had several birthday/holiday parties etc that I’ve cooked for and I’ve had to ask his help several times.  He usually gets back to me within the hour!  Anyone looking to BBQ like a professional (literally) should take this class.  Note: take lots of notes in class because inevitably you can’t remember everything he tells you, it’s a lot of information.  I’m now known amongst my neighbors and friends as having the best parties thanks to my BBQ! Thanks Harry!

Harry has a tremendous passion for people and BBQ.  I had learned so much already from Harry’s Slap Yo Daddy website but attending his class has taken my cooking experience to a higher level.  I strongly encourage anyone from beginners to experienced Pitmasters to attend his class and have a great time learning and having fun!   Thank you again Harry!

Master Judge / cooker John, Harry’s BBQ class is “over the TOP” .It is the best class I have ever been too, I loved it so much that I repeated the class to make sure I listened carefully to each and every word that the BBQ GOD Harry Soo said ! I have also had all my BBQ buddies go to Harry’s class, and they all agree he is the BEST !. You will also have food coma from eating the finest chicken, ribs, pork butt, brisket, tri tip, assorted sausage, and sides. Harry also make the best Ahi I have ever had !  Trust me as a Kanas City Barbecue Society Master judge ,this class is a 9-9-9 , you will not be sorry !

Harry’s class is definitely worth the time and money if you want to kick up your BBQing skills.  In the course of the day, he will give you tips and techniques on everything from grilling tri-tips, chicken and sausage to low and slow cooking of ribs, pork butt and brisket.  Harry has a variety of BBQ equipment and shows you that you do not need an expensive pit to do great Q.  Harry is very entertaining and does a great job of sharing his passion for BBQ and life.  The course is hands on and you will learn how to prepare several different types of meats through out the day.  An added plus is you get to eat what was prepared and take home the left overs.  Prepare to be stuffed!

This class is amazing.  If you want to learn how to cook BBQ at either a competition level or if you just want to impress your friends and family then be sure to sign up.  I have researched classes with other BBQ Pitmasters and they are usually MUCH more expensive and yet I would be surprised if they’re as informative as this one.  Harry walks you through the whole BBQ process, leaving nothing to question.  You will learn what smokers/grills are best for your needs and how to operate them to maximum efficiency.  You will learn how to light and maintain a fire and then it is time to cook.  The class is very hands on and so it is extremely fun and engaging.  Harry is happy to take questions and ALWAYS seems to have the answers.  Once you have learned how to trim pork butt and brisket, then it is on to preparing rubs and injections.  After the meat is prepped, it goes on the grill and is cooked as the class continues.  In the meantime, Harry goes through the process for cooking chicken, tri-tip, sausage and sides.  The class is great because you cover so much ground and Harry makes it all fun and easy to process.  When all the food is done, Harry shows the class how to cut and serve the meat at a competition level.  Of course, none of this would matter if the finished product was not incredible… but of course the food is perfect. You leave the class full, with a smile and ready to conquer BBQ.  And if that is not enough, Harry offers to troubleshoot all BBQ questions in the weeks following the class.   It’s really a great experience and well worth your time and money.

Harry is a ‘communicator’! He has definitely shortened the learning curve. I learned more about the actual application of BBQ’ing than I ever could have learned by reading a book or trial and error. Harry removes the ‘error’ part. On a scale of 1-5 Harry get’s a ‘6’. The food is incredible and the class is an experience You owe to Yourself. I will take it again in 2012!!

I have been BBQing for a long time – I really didn’t know anything until I took Harry’s class. It is “How to BBQ”. Harry and Donna are the best.

I recently attended the Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ Pitmaster class.  I highly recommend the class to anyone interested in BBQ and taking their skills to a higher level.  The instructor, Harry Soo is passionate about the subject matter, conveys techniques clearly and possesses an incredible debt of knowledge. Harry’s passion for BBQ is contagious.  He takes the mystery out of BBQ.  The class is extremely well conducted and organized.  Extensive notes of the class are distributed allowing students to focus on the presentation and participating in hands on preparation.  You will taste the best BBQ you’ve ever had! The class encourages maintaining relationships with fellow students.  You will leave the class equipped to prepare award-winning BBQ.

I took the SYD 101 class on 10/1/11 and enjoyed every minute of it. Not only do you learn the foundation for excellent BBQ you also learn what it takes to be competitive. The class last most of the day and the entire time is spent learning and sampling :). You actually prepare and cook each of the meats. I loved the class and made the best ribs of my life after using the techniques from this class. Well worth it and I would recommend it to anyone.

Harry is as genuine as you can get.  He knows BBQ.  I had been backyard smoking for several years and he really taught me how to refine my skills.  Every one of my parties that I have BBQ have been a 10 because of the skill that Harry teaches.  A one day class where he teaches you all his secrets, he does a little stand up comedy and you will eat great!  I have sent 5 people from work to his class.  Worth every penny!  I highly recommend the class and you won’t be disappointed.

Harry is the best. loved his class. All of the reviews tale the story plan to take it again in 2012

If you ever dreamed about being the star at a BBQ… Harry will get you there!!  His teaching methods and continued coaching afterwards are off the charts.  I have been receiving nothing but praises for my BBQs after taking Harry’s class.  TAKING HIS CLASS IS A MUST!!!!!10/19/2011Mr. Soo’s course is great. If you don’t know how to trim meats, create marinades or rubs… This course is for you! He also gives great instructions on how to use grills efficiently. Fantastic class for all levels of BBQ lovers!Thanks Mr. Soo!10/19/2011Harry’s class is GREAT!  He is unbelievably knowledgeable and very experienced.  He teaches you what he knows so you can add it to your existing knowledge.  He is very down to earth and although he he is a man of man accolades he does not act like it.  His class breaks everything down to the essentials and gives you the tools you need to improve your BBQ skills.  I highly recommend him and thoroughly enjoyed his class!

I took the SYD course about 8 months ago.  It was not at all what I expected.  It was, across the board, much better than I thought possible.  I thought it was just a course where I’d pick up a few tips on how to make my grilling better.  I walked away understanding about food safety, meat selection and preparation, injections, rubs, and spices, which woods to use, temperature control, presentation, and much more.  Even though I only cook for my friends, family, and neighbors, everyone raves about my food.If you want to understand, and be able to cook using both the science and the art of BBQ, this is a great class.  Beware though.  Once you take the course, you will be hosting a lot more BBQ meals.

Although this class is listed as BBQ 101, anyone who competes in BBQ competitions will learn quite a bit by taking this class.  Harry shares many of the techniques he has used in competition to win over 20 grand championships since he began his BBQ journey.
Whether a beginner or experienced BBQ cook, the class will take away years of trial and error and help improve your BBQ skills.

Harry’s Class is absolutely AMAZING!!! Whether you are a complete rookie or a 30 year Barbecue veteran you will be sure to learn from Harry.  I learned more about Barbecue in 7 hours than I had previously known my whole life…   Harry’s love and passion for not only Barbecue but teaching is very apparent.  This is the best birthday present my wife has ever given me…. I can not wait to share my new found expertise with my friends & family!!!

Harry is a great BBQ Cook and a great teacher. I have been BBQing on the competition circuit for years and I still learned new things in this class. I highly recommend this class for everyone from backyard beginners to seasoned professionals. Take the class and join Harry’s gang!

Harry’s class was fun, informative and most of all Delicious! He helped me take my backyard bar-b-q to the next level and beyond. I think i almost ate my class fee in the cooking he provided.

I felt like a giddy grade school kid, eagerly awaiting snack time of graham crackers and milk. Only this time, it was brisket, pulled pork, ribs, tri-tip, chicken… the list goes on. I had waited about 3 months just for Harry Soo’s BBQ Pitmaster class, so I sure as heck could wait another few minutes. But after 6 hours of talking BBQ nonstop, I was about to faint. My stomach had been eating itself up. Harry Soo’s love for BBQ is infectious. You can feel it by the way he talks about BBQ and his techniques–the way he demonstrates how to properly trim the excess fat from a brisket, the way he shows you how to properly check if the bark has hardened using a fingernail, or the way to properly load up the charcoals using the Minion method. There’s a reason why he uses a particular ingredient, and it’s through his own research and blind taste tests over the years. In person, he’s exactly the way I’ve seen him on television–humble and willing help anyone out. Within just a few years, Harry’s Slap Yo Daddy BBQ competition team has racked up awards all over the country. I wondered, just how does he do it? For Harry, BBQ is the ultimate stress reliever from the real stress of his day time job. I couldn’t agree more–it’s just you and your thoughts, the meat, and the smoker. Only this guy travels thousands of miles around the country and enters BBQ competitions to compete against some of the best Pitmasters in the world… and wins. As a BBQ enthusiast, I learned a few tips, hints, and tricks. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. For the BBQ newbie who’s just starting out, Harry covers a lot of material in just a short amount of time — it could be overwhelming at first, but Harry is easy going and down-to-earth. There are no dumb questions in his class. For those who have had prior experience, the class focuses on techniques for someone who’s interested in entering a real BBQ competition. Harry said that many of students go on to enter competitions and end up beating him. Now that’s the ultimate compliment.

Just graduated October 15th. Amazing class! Harry takes the mystery out of world class BBQ and provides hands-on instruction for creating great BBQ at home or getting started in competitive BBQ.

Harry’s seven hour/one day class teaches you the basics of how to cook mouth watering ribs, chicken, pork butt and brisket.  In addition, he cooks tri-tip, sausages, corn bread, beans, and his signature seared Ahi Tuna.  This is a small sized, hands on class with notes printed in booklet.  Harry’s class is both informative and entertaining.  It’s nice that he cooks on a charcoal WSM smoker, a weber kettle, a propane stove and gas oven, so you can easily cook on your own equipment after taking the class.  The bonus is that as a former student, this BBQ master will answer your questions for a year after taking his class.  Wow!

Money well spent. I’m thinking about signing up for the class again just for the food. Harry is not there to sell you anything, he’s there to share his love for BBQ. You will get a lot of information and some tricks. you will not be disappointed. Look up “BarbeQue” in the dictionary, you should see a picture of Harry Soo

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  1. took harrys class as a way to try to up my bbq comp. skills he is a great cook great teacher The Backyard 101 class is amazing. In addition to his techniques, Harry also explains a lot of the science and reason behind whats going on inside a pit. There is lots of hands on learning and plenty of time for questions.
    And then of course there is the food. I can not explain in an articulate way how amazing it was and would say take his class you will learn so much

  2. Took Harry Soo's class today. Highly recommend it. Learned new things and new ways to prepare so many different dishes. Excellent gift from my wife.

  3. I took Harry's class on 6/16/18 in a group of about 15 students. I entered the class leery that the class was over-priced, but Harry quickly changed my mind. If you want to learn how to cook BBQ in one day, this is the class. Harry is charming, but practical and a natural teacher. Harry shows how you can cook — or even compete — effectively with modest equipment and easy-to-find ingredients. I probably SAVED more money than the class cost due to Harry's guidance. Harry teaches WAY more than BBQ — He teaches by example: Humility, compassion, respect and love. Harry's class is life-changing on many levels. I'm a Harry fan for life.

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