Making Bobby Flay’s Audition Video

February 3rd, 2009Comments Off on Making Bobby Flay’s Audition Video

In response to a recent casting call posted at the California BBQ Association website, I shot a 4-minute audition video on January 31, 2009 to be submitted for the Food Network’s Bobby Flay Grill It program.  I’ve followed Bobby’s career for many years and I’m a huge fan.  It would be such a privilege to be able to cook with him.  The final video is being edited by my childhood friend Peter ( who’s a commercial videographer.    Once ready, I’ll post on Bobby’s Food Network site.  Please go there to rate it (hint: 5 stars) and post a comments (hint: you loved it!) so I may score in the popularity rankings like American Idol. I will shamelessly provide free BBQ samples if you do my bidding.

Here is my home video of the shoot, stills, post production work (e.g., blanching the lobster for grilling), bloopers, and credits.   Thanks again Peter for helping me out. Hope I get called on the show amid the very stiff competition from all the cooks in America who want to be on Bobby’s program!

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