So. Cal. Q-Fest 2009 Awards Ceremony

The East Shore RV Park by Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, CA, was the perfect setting for the 2009 Q-Fest Awards Ceremony

Brent Walton, 2008 CBBQA president, awarded trophies and plaques to all the Team of the Year (TOY) 2008 winners, new Hall of Fame inductees, and recognized all the persons who made 2008 such a great year for the CBBQA, and the charities we supported.  Larry Hill, 2009 CBBQA president, outlined the current year’s plan to bring even more recognition, success, and visibility to our BBQ association including renewed efforts to help children’s charities even more.

Rhythm n Que won TOY 2008 and First Place Pork.  All Hogs Go To Heaven won First Place Chicken, and Smitty’s Smoke Patrol won First Place Ribs and First Place Brisket.

CBBQA TOY Teams 2008

Slap Yo’ Daddy won the hard-fought trophy for 2008 ROY Rookie of the Year and a plaque for 7th place TOY team; the only rookie team to finish in the top-10 for California.

2008 has been a great year and we intend to try harder, and then some, to win a TOY category in 2009!

2008 CBBQA Rookie of the Year