WOW!!! Harry gets call from Bobby’s Production Team after video is uploaded!

On Feb 3, I posted that last Saturday, my childhood buddy Peter, who’s a professional videographer, shot and edited a 4-minute Bobby Flay audition video for me (please wait for it to load).  Peter submitted the video for me today (I couldn’t overcome the technical glitches last night with my upload attempts).

About two hours later, I got a call from Lisa, a member of Bobby’s production crew from New York. They watched my video and want me to audition to cook with Bobby while he’s out in California in March to shoot the next 12 episodes of his Grill It program! They are going to rent a house in California and will be shooting all episodes from that location. With some luck, I may get to cook with my favorite chef in March. I’m not out of the woods yet as I expect there will be many competing for a spot on the 12 episodes for the next TV season. But, hey, I’m a professional BBQ competitor right so I’ll apply the same zeal and perseverance that won us the BBQ Grand Championship last December.

You can help me get a spot in the next season by going to Bobby’s website and posting your comments and ranking my video. This is a popularity contest so the more positive rating and comments, the better will be my chances. Please ask 5 friends and family to do the same as I hope to generate lots of buzz for my video. Remember, you MUST post comments and rank my video.

I am so jazzed as I’ve always dreamed about what it would be like to cook with Bobby Flay. That would be like playing one-on-one basketball with Kobe Bryant!

Thank you very much and I’ll keep everyone posted about my adventures on my blog. Wish me luck and may I break a leg!