Creation of new 2009 Team Logo

March 22nd, 2009Comments Off on Creation of new 2009 Team Logo
I hired Patrick Carlson from to develop a new 2009 logo for Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ.  Patrick is a very talented graphic artist and has done impressive work for many teams in the US.
Mark and I are heading to Kansas to compete in the Great American Barbecue Invitational on May 23 where we are very honored to be invited to compete against the best 60 Grand Champion teams in the US out of a total of 4,300 teams nation-wide.  On May 24, we’ll compete against 275 teams in the Open contest.
Our new logo tells everyone that we’re from California and is designed to appeal to a wide audience, male and female, 7-70 years old, and convey the feeling that we’re a So. Cal. easy-going fun-loving BBQ team.  That’s why quintensential California iconic images are in the logo.  Here is the series of sketches leading up to the final version.

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