29 Palms Salute to Marine Corps

It was a privilege to join fellow CBBQA members Thom, Kent, and Kyle together with Kathy and Misti to help out at the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center to help cook and serve 10,000 burgers and 4,000 hotdogs as part of the Calif. BBQ Assoc. participation in Salute 2009 to honor our brave men and women of the military

Nothing compares to putting a smile on our brave sons and daughters who are putting their life on the life to protect and preserve the freedom we enjoy!

It took 5 hours to smoked steam two 4′ X 4′ X 4′ pallets of hot-dogs totaling about 4,000 dogs.  After making these 40 hotel foil pans of hotdogs, I asked Thom to switch his sign from “BBQ by Thom” to “Hotdogs by Thom”!

It was a great event even in the 110-degree desert heat with a gentle breeze.  Seeing the faces of our courageous military and their families more than made the event very meaningful and special.