Reserve Champion in Triple KCBS West Coast BBQ Championship

Reserve Champion, 1st Chicken, and several awards

After turning in 13 box submissions over Sat and Sun, we were relieved that the triple KCBS West Coast BBQ Championship in Fairfield, CA, was finally over.  I thought the April Stagecoach 1,2,3 was tough, and Fairfield was comparable except we didn’t have extra team members. Congrats to Hogs for your double GC and RnQ for your 7th GC and Jack Draw! Congrats to Brazen for another RGC and sealing their ROY 2009! I am certain those great guys from Brazen are only a hair away from their first GC.

Congrats to all the teams who took a walk. For those new teams I met, I wish you all the best and hope you will continue your BBQ journey. Hope everyone found the KCBS box clinic on Saturday morning useful. Thanks very much to those who joined the CBBQA in Fairfield.

Results Contest #1 – 3rd Overall, 1st Chicken, 9th Ribs, 10th Pork, 4th Brisket

Results Contest #2 – Reserve Champion, 2nd Chicken, 2nd Ribs, 6th Pork, 15 Brisket

Results Contest #3 – 4th Overall, 7th Chicken, 10th Ribs, 7th Pork, 2nd Brisket

It was great to hang with our sponsor John Jackson from Stoker Systems who debuted some new cool features which I will get to use once I download the new software. The LED connectors which show a different color when correct temps are reached is sure to help prevent overdone BBQ! What a great idea; the man is a genius! His systems are way advanced when compared to his competitor in the smoker temp automation control product space!

John Jackson, our sponsor and inventor of the Stoker System we don’t leave home without

Many thanks to Roberto of T&H Meats and Sausage from San Marcos for taking care of contest meat needs. We wouldn’t be able to obtain consistent results (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Overall) without his help as you can’t make filet mignon out of hamburger.

A big thanks and shoutout also go to our new sponsor from Kansas City who provided contest-grade rubs and sauces. Our good friends Stephanie and Kyle run which should be your one-stop online store for award-winning rubs and sauces. They could tell you how they took 1st at the Jack Daniels World Championship International Invitational and the KCBS Chicken Team of the Year… however, not until Steph said it was right for her birds and bones, could they give any product The Slabs name. We hope you like their products as much as we do! We couldn’t win without the magic touch of their products.

Ben and Nate, you guys are awesome for pulling off such a historic event. Job well done!

Thanks also to the judges, helpers, volunteers, hosts, and K&K for officiating!

I had a fun time making our Friday Potluck dish and Saturday Mystery Dish featuring Ranchers Reserve beef sponsored by SaveMart.

Medley of Roasted Vegetables with Balsamic Glaze
Seared Flank Steak over Roasted Corn and Potatoes w Merlot Sauce

See you all next year (but not the wind, please!)