2010 Honokowai BBQ Throwdown, Maui, HI

Beef Short Ribs and Chicken

Kiawe Grill Ribs w Lilikoi BBQ Sauce

I’m drawn to Hawaii every year like the giant Pacific green turtle returning home to coral sand beaches and emerald blue waters. BBQ and grilling flows like the soul of a volcano in these paradise islands where the multi-ethnic cultures create a symphony of fusion flavors from the Philippines, Japan, Samoa, French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Thai, Chinese, and The Mainland.
I love to indulge in these exotic island cuisines which always rejuvenate and inspire me to create extraordinary new sauce and rub recipes to tantalize the BBQ judges for the next contest year.
I’m very passionate about the nuance of local ingredients and how its flavors blend with my existing repertoire of secret BBQ sauces, rubs, injections, marinades, and dusting powders.
My goal is simple . . . to take my competition BBQ to even higher levels of excellence.
This year was no exception as I sampled every BBQ joint on the island, grocery store, farmers market, and even sniffing at BBQ which locals and visitors were grilling in the parks and beaches.  Even did a little throwdown contest with my son Brian with judging provided by family members.  Among the wet ingredients which caught my attention was Huli-Huli sauce (a Ponzu hybrid), Tigers Blood (Coconut and Cherry syrup), Lilikoi jam (Passion fruit), and Aloha Soy Sauce. My mind was racing with possibilities when I was smitten by the exotic saltiness of Ling Hing Mui powder. This crimson powder will add a unique fruity and floral note to my next year’s rub formulas. I plan to recluse myself to my Jekyll and Hyde lab during the winter contest break to devise some amazing new sauce and rub concoctions. Stay tuned . . .

Spam Misubi Tempura