2011 HAVA BBQ London Bridge Style, AZ

Gorgeous drive out to Lake Havasu City, AZ

We finished 7th of 78 at the 2011 Hava Que in Lake Havasu City in Arizona on Feb 26, 2011.  We came in 3rd brisket, 8th pork, 28 ribs, and 31 chicken.  Thanks to Benny’s sister Olga and her husband Vern, we were able to enjoy creature comforts in their nice RV instead of braving the cold sleeping in our minivan.

Comfy out of the wind and cold! Benny, Shari, and Olga

This was a fun event with a car show, vendor booths, and lots of interesting foods.

Bob Ballantine, Paella Chef de Cuisine

Cool Car Show

Interesting contraption. Jon Sattler www.auspitbbq.com

Benny watching over our twin WSMs with their “winter” jackets on!

Cool “cow” showing the various cuts of beef

Big congrats to the Brazen Boys on their second GC. Great timing too as their smokehouse restaurant in San Diego is opening soon. Congrats to IAB 30 for RC. Man you guys have jumped since the Prescott days!   Congrats to all who walked.  Great to see so many new teams cooking for the first time. Awesome that so many teams from so many states came. Great to see ol friends again.  Thanks Skip for a super event.  Thanks to KCBS officials, judges, and helpers!  Can’t wait to be back next year!

Our contest mascot named Bella who is Benny’s sister Olga’s pet