2011 Rock Springs BBQ Challenge, Arizona

2010 AZBBQ Team of the Year TOY banner and trophy

The Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Team made their first road trip of 2011 when we competed in the very first ever Barbeque Championship Series (BCS) sanctioned event at the Rock Springs Cafe in Arizona on January 29, 2011.  Along with 26 other teams, Assistant Cook Benny Adauto and his wife Shari represented the team at the contest and finished in 5th place overall amid 27 teams. In the individual categories, the team received 2nd place brisket, 5th place in chicken, 9th place pork, and 13th place in ribs. It was also the first contest in AZ where the team was able to display the 2010 Arizona Team of the Year TOY overall championship trophy and banner. They looked great set up in front of the team’s canopy.

The Grand Champion at the event was good friend Tom Duncan and the Whiskey Ranch BBQ Team. This was Tommy’s first ever GC at a contest. CONGRATULATIONS TOMMY!! Most everyone is familiar with Tommy for finishing behind his wife Jennifer’s team, Smoked to the Bone and having to wear a pink outfit as a result. Well, the tables have turned the last two contests and Tommy is now on a roll. Tommy’s team really smoked the competition by finishing with two seconds, a third and first in the four meat categories.

Finishing 2nd overall and capturing their first Reserve Grand Championship was the I.A.B. 30 BBQ Team. This team is just starting their 2nd full season and will be a threat to take a championship soon. Congratulation to them as well.

The new Barbecue Championship Series (www.barbequechampionshipseries.org) is the brainchild of the AZ Barbeque and its head Michael Reimann. If the first event at Rock Springs Cafe is any indication, this new organization will be spreading to several other states in the near future. And speaking of Rock Springs Cafe, the food was excellent. The team enjoyed a fried fish dinner on Friday night with some the pies the Cafe is famous for.

Special Thanks to Harry for his confidence in Shari and me in letting us represent Slap Yo Daddy while he attended a family event that weekend.