So. Cal. Q-Fest Feb 12, 2011, Awards Ceremony

CBBQA Team of the Year 2011

Woo Hoo!  Slap Yo Daddy BBQ received the Calif. BBQ Association CBBQA 2010 Team of the Year (TOY) award at the QFest awards ceremony at the East Shore RV Park by Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, CA.  It’s been a three-year journey beginning in 2008 when we won the CBBQA Best New Team and Rookie of the Year ROY.  In 2009, we finished first runner up for the CBBQA TOY, and in 2010, we finally clinched this coveted honor.   2010 was an amazing year for us as we also won the Arizona TOY, a Grand Championship in Canada, and 3rd overall Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) TOY among 4,500+ teams in the nation!

We keep the CBBQA TOY perpetual trophy for a year

Congrats to Left Coast Q who won the 2010 Rookie Team of the Year ROY.  Left Coast Q together with Brazen BBQ, the ROYs from 2009, treated everyone to a BBQ whole hog.  It was delicious!

BBQ Whole Hog courtesy of Brazen BBQ and Left Coast Q

Lots of great food!

Yummy items!

Slapilicious Seared Ahi w Maui Onion Dressing

At the QFest awards ceremony three Hall of Fame members were inducted.  They were Ben Lobenstein, Kathy and Kathleen Macintosh.  A big congrats to the Hall of Fame inductees.

Harry’s Kids – Brian 21 and Amy 19

Brent Walton of QN4U, winner of TOY 2004-2007, was there to kiss the perpetual trophy

2011 is shaping up to be an exciting TOY year and we’re looking forward to another great year of competition BBQ!  Best of luck to all the teams.  See you all on the circuit!

2010 CBBQA TOY, 2nd TOY Chicken, 2nd TOY Pork, 2nd TOY Brisket, 5th TOY Ribs