Kansas City BBQ Society Awards Banquet

Banquet under a big white tent

A couple of hundred pit masters, crew, and family from all over the country attended the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) awards banquet held in San Diego to honor the winners of the 2011 Team of the Year awards.  Congrats go out to Munchin Hogs at the Hilton for winning the KCBS 2011 TOY with an amazing score of 2,920 out of 3,000.   With 5,000 plus teams competing for points during the 2011 contest year, two teams from California made it into the top 20.  Dangerous Dave Malone (my former SYD teammate) from All Sauced Up finished 21st overall, 11th ribs, and 17 brisket.    Slap Yo Daddy finished 11th overall, 3rd pork, and 11th brisket.

2011 KCBS TOY bling – 11th Overall, 3rd Pork, and 11th Brisket

Slap Yo Daddy was able to accomplish a two-peat by winning the Safeway/Vons Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup two years in a row by winning brisket in 2010 and top sirloin in 2011.

Nice check for coming in 1st in the nation for the Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup. Photo by Ben Lobenstein

Ranchers Reserve Top Sirloin Winning entry – Beef Martini Shaken Not Stirred

Donna Fong, of Butchers Daughter BBQ, a 2011 California one-woman rookie team based out of Alameda won 2nd in the Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup. Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ finished third.

California teams finish 1st and 2nd in the Ranchers Reserve National Beef Cup

It was good to see so many friends including a couple of teams who cooked against Slap Yo Daddy in TLC’s BBQ Pitmaster Season One including Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke and Lee Ann from Wood Chicks.   The food tasted great as the event was catered by my good friends the Brazen BBQ boys John and Brad who won the California ROY in 2009.  We had stuffed pork loin and potato crusted salmon which was delicious.  The Brazen boys recently opened their first BBQ joint in San Diego.

Lee Ann and Harry, alumni from TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters Season One. Photo by Ben Lobenstein