Harry’s Awesome Pimped Out WSM!

My sweetheart Donna of Butcher’s Daughter BBQ in Alameda surprised me with the most awesome birthday gift that a Weber Smokey Mountain addict like me could ever want!  She had been working on this Area 51 project for several months in top secret cahoots with Jay Topping of JayToppingArt.com (831-212-9513) based out of Santa Cruz.

Apparently, Donna had met Jay through a fortuitous series of events as she was looking for someone with the right talent and motivation to create a one-of-a-kind pimped out WSM.  Jay was a custom car paint artist and they had to overcome several challenges including figuring out how to get the ultra-hardened coating off the stock WSM-18.

It took many hours to remove the stock coating before Jay could perform his magic.  Since everyone knows I cook with Kingsford Blue and have been using it since I started in 2008 and have won 27 Grand Championship and 80+ first places, Jay and Donna wanted the Kingsford briquettes to be the central design theme.  They know that I have a special method to stack my Kingsford to get up to a 16 hour burn with one load hence the big pile of Kingsford Blue theme.  I was blown away by the result when this masterpiece was unveiled!

I’m curing the heat tolerant paint gradually by running it at low temps for several cycles.  I hope to get it ready in time to cook the Jack Daniels on October 27!  Come by in person to see it!

What do you think about it?  Do you think I should name it?  Any suggestions?