2012 Sound-Elkin – SYD Corporate Fire and Fun BBQ Camp

Teams had access to a field pantry to prepare their secret rubs and sauces

Employees got a chance to pull up their shirt sleeves and don on a SYD apron to prepare their winning BBQ rub and secret BBQ sauce.  Each team was required to cook tri tip and chicken thighs and turn them in for judging in competition-style Styrofoam trays which they decorated with some garnish.  Everyone had fun especially when it came to dusting the meat with the proper amount of rub and applying finishing touches with sauce and garnish. They were shown the safe method to light briquettes and how to set up a Weber kettle properly for low and slow cooking. Everyone was fully engaged and asked many questions.

Class was followed by a BBQ lunch with ribs, chicken, coleslaw, beans, and cornbread. As a special treat, they also had our Slap Yo Daddy signature appetizer: Seared Ahi Tuna w Maui Onion Dressing.  The BBQ was accompanied with beer pairings for each of the individual meats including the ahi.

The Sound-Elkin Corporate Training was an enjoyable half-day training event filled with food, fun, and friends. If you would like more information regarding Corporate Training please visit our page.  We can custom tailor the training for you based on your corporate and training goals.   Our past clients include Nickelodeon and Port of Los Angeles.  Many thanks to Sound-Elkin and to my assistants Benny Adauto and his wife Shari who joined me in the fun event.