PRODUCT REVIEW – Pitmaster Harry Soo’s Championship Barbecue Sauces

By the Barbecue News Magazine

Harry Soo and his Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ team is the stuff that true barbecue and grilling legends are made of. Harry first came to fame during the very first year of the Pitmaster tel­evision series that debuted in 2009. Since then, Harry has continued to expand his following that now exceeds over 170,000 on his YouTube channel with thousands more fol­lowing his other social media pages. Harry Soo is without question a great friend to the entire #BBQfamily and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Now Harry is sharing some of his favorite flavor profiles with his new line of championship barbecue sauces. We got the opportunity to try four of these proven flavor makers and can tell you each one has the flavor making potential to take your BBQ and grilling level from zero to hero.

Original: This all-purpose sauce is the base that has won Harry tons of competitions across the country. This tiny kick of heat and complex sweet sauce is great on any pro­tein.

Cheeky Sweet: We found this blend perfect for anything pork as a glazing sauce. It was super as a dipping sauce with chicken and pork from both the grill and smoker. The sweeter fruit flavors are sure to become a standard with anyone who enjoys competition style ribs, pork loin, whole hog, or chicken.

Hot Burn: If you like your taste buds like more than a slight kick of heat then you will love this blend. The heat is not instant but it’s guar­anteed to get your attention when it arrives. This is without question a true hot sauce and goes beyond the spicy category. Glazed hot wings and a great dipping sauce for cocktail smokies both are perfect with concoction.

Tangy Zesty: We loved how Harry turned the standard vinegar-based sauce into a true rock star! This blend is the perfect mixture of tang that will wake up any average grilled chicken or pork recipe. If you are a vinegar fan, then you owe to yourself to treat yourself with a taste.

Harry Soo has surely bottled up four winners in these offerings. You can learn more about these amazing flavor makers via his website.