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I’ve been meaning to review the Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class that I took last Thanksgiving but have been busy so here goes…

The cost to attend the course is $375 (I think it cost $395 now). Now that may seem like a lot of money but, some of the proceeds from Harry’s classes go to charity and the skills that you attain are valuable if you are serious about BBQ. You also get appetizers throughout the 6.5 hour class, a bag of rub to take home, an all you can eat lunch (pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, brisket, lamb lollipops, sausage, corn bread, Harry’s delicious seared ahi tuna, and so many other delicious dishes), a custom SYD apron, training guide, and a box of BBQ leftovers! In my opinion it is worth the money.

Harry and his fiancé Donna are professionals and they break the class down into what they call “scenes” like a movie. Topics included: food safety, trimming, seasoning, meat quality, rubs, marinades/injections, wood/charcoal, wood flavors, sauces, smokers, thermometers, and techniques for cooking ribs, pork butt and brisket.

I learned or refined my knowledge in smoking meat from a champion BBQ pit master. Harry would also teach us a few of what he refers to his “black belt” or “pro” tips that he has picked up from competing in BBQ competitions.

I totally recommend this class it’s fun, well organized, and COOL!!


I love this class! Harry’s Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class will be one of the best investments you will ever make. He will teach you step by step instruction for the perfect BBQ. He is a great instructor, and is willing to share his infinite knowledge with you. He truly has a love and passion for his craft, and it shows when he teaches you. If you were to try to learn this on your own the money you would of spent on trial and error will be 10 times as much. Whether if you are a back yard BBQer like myself, a competitor, or a famous chef, you will learn something invaluable from this class. It is a hands on class, so it is not just sitting back and watching, you will get your hands dirty. You will learn how to make is famous rub/sauce, meat prep (especially useful if you are a competitor), the science behind the BBQing, and much much more.  I like that the class size is small, usually around 14 students, so you do get a lot of one on one interaction with Harry.  And if you have any future questions after the class, he welcomes emails. He even mentions it, you will have lifetime, free support from him. Come hungry because by the end of the class you will be stuffed, and you get to bring a box of food home too!


I’ve been BBQing for a long time.  Wife gave me this class as a present as she knows I enjoy the hobby.   Both of us loved the class and learned an incredible amount.    Harry mixes a bit of science, a bit of story telling and a lot of hands on to make this a superb experience.   One thing you certainly learn – it isn’t about the equipment.    I will definitely up my game with his rubs/sauces and techniques.    I cannot imagine a better class for this topic.


I will can honestly say that the opportunity I was privileged to spend with Harry and team was one of the most enjoyable and educational experiences I’ve have had.  I hope to sign up for another class with my wife in the near future and continue our BBQ love and growth.

If you love the craft of BBQ, don’t hesitate to sign up!

Than you Harry!

Kirk B


Harry is truly a great guy. He is so generous with his knowledge, time, and resources. I took his bbq class and was there with other novices, but also advanced barbecuers and even three catering company chefs. There are no secrets, he tells you how he does it! He covers the theory behind different parts of the barbecue process like meat selection, barbecue science, wood, fires, rubs, sauces, and philosophy. You’ll have overnight improvement with this class. This is one of the better things I’ve spent time and money on. Thanks, Harry and team.


when you tell people you are spending $375 on a smoking class most people think you are crazy. However, this was one of the best investments I have ever made regarding my passion for cooking. If you would think about the cost alone in meat, charcoal, wood, and equipment I would have had to go through to acquire the skills I learned on one long hard day of cooking with the Champ, I would have greatly exceeded the money I invested. This class works well for anyone, from a complete newbie to an intermediate to the circuit hobbyist trying to hone in  on their first trophy.

What I learned over the course of the day was invaluable. I learned how to properly fire up my pit (which I have been doing wrong), I learned what pits work the best, and how to make “any pit” work for me. I learned how to make a rub from scratch and how to in the future redesign rubs through reverse engineering.

I learned how to cook chicken I WOULD EAT… AND I HATE CHICKEN.

I learned to take a deep breath and roll with my strengths and faults and enjoy both in the process of BBQ.

I look forward to using my new found and reinforced skills with my future cooks and cant wait to try and pull off a competition…

would I do it again? YES and I plan too! I will absolutely do this class again in the future!


I don’t know where to begin.  I have been on the wait list for months and finally got signed up.  This class was more than I could have ever imagined.  I’ve taken cooking classes before but Harry’s class far surpasses any class I’ve ever attended.  What I loved most is that he teaches at every level — from the beginners and how to start a fire to competitors. His passion is infectious and I walked out thinking I should have paid more for all the knowledge I had gained in one day, nonetheless the amount of food that was provided.  I recommend everyone who wants to learn everything from A-Z about barbeque to take this class; you won’t regret it!


Harry debunk all myth of BBQ. His science, “black belt” techniques, and love of BBQ is all in this class. Harry explain his cooking method with science and hands on class really help me become more confident with my BBQ. Thank you Harry for sharing your love.


With zero experience smoking BBQ, Harry’s class is nothing short of amazing.  He explains the science of what’s happening and why his techniques work.  I really enjoyed learning from him and eating all the tasty Q at the end of class.  Highly recommend.


I am a certified BBQ judge and not far from becoming a master judge. I have tasted a lot of BBQ and wanted to learn from the best in CA. This is a very hands on class and you will learn how to cook great BBQ. Also you will eat a lot of great BBQ in his class. Harry does not miss a step as he shows you how to cook all of the four meat basics plus as a added bonus he shows you how to cook other meats as well. I enjoyed every minute of this class.


Well worth the wait.

Harry and his “black belt” tips are worth the price of admission alone.  The food is incredible and the techniques are really amazing. Harry himself is a joy to just be around.  He’s one of those people that just has such a positive energy about him that it becomes infectious.

All the reviews are correct about the knowledge imparted, the skills obtained, and the level of cooking expertise displayed.  There is no hyperbole in any of it.  It is really that good.

The best part?  Lifetime tech support.  After a class, Harry invites… heck, he expects… everyone to stay in touch via email.  He will answer questions about equipment, materials, and cooking tips… forever.  He really loves bbq and it shows in everything he says and does.

Insider tip:  Come hungry and skip the free donuts.  You’ll want the space for other things.


My wife had no idea that I’d go to a class and return home with not just a deeper knowledge of food but the ability to explain why exactly I love it so much.

Harry has the teaching ability of a college professor and the energy of a 5th grader whose had to much candy hahaha I learned more in 6 hours about cooking and the love behind it then I have in the 8 years I’ve seriously been cooking.

I went in expecting to learn about BBQ and left feeling like family and couldn’t have been more satisfied with my experience!


This was the best Xmas gift ever….I mean ever.  Harry provides such a detailed lesson plan that even I left knowing that I can make some great BBQ.  He gives us many, many recipes and I have already begun to use them.  Everyone receives a container of food to take home so pace yourself when you eat and taste throughout class.  I overate, not wanting to miss tasting the results of his spices and flavor.   I generally do not eat brisket, Tri Tip, etc., but this was the best.  We learned detailed information on how to prepare 15 different meats.  You can’t beat this class and I can comfortably say that it was worth ever dollar.  There were BBQ business owners, BBQ competitors and just plain folks like me in the class.   If you have watched the pitmasters on cable TV and would love to to learn how to bbq like them, enroll now.


My brother-in-law and I took Harry’s course a few weekends ago and it was fantastic!  Harry is a wonderful teacher and the information is presented in a manner that is not only useful, but makes sense, and easily retainable. There is not a single wasted moment during the class.  Harry takes every opportunity throughout the day to provide tips and instruction.  I have no qualms about recommending this class to anyone who wants to up their BBQ ability. It exceeded my wildest expectations, and was well worth the price of the class.  If you are on the fence about taking the class I’m telling you Harry is a master teacher and you will not be disappointed.


If there was a 10 star option on Yelp, I would have given him a ten.  I just attended a few days ago and was amazed not only is he a great chef, but he’s a great chef that has the ability to teach others.  He is passionate for his art and is eager to teach it to you.  How often do you get a chance to learn from the master….. He’s a cooking Sensei.  You will be happily amazed with his class.  By the way we had the honor of also learning from a top notch competion BBQ judge.  Thanks for the great experience Harry.  I will follow your example and bring people closer through cooking BBQ.


I was a great grill person before the class… Now I don’t know what I was ever thinking. Harry is the man, he has a wonderful ability to impart information without making you feel stupid. I have people beating my door down now begging for me to BBQ for them (NOT GRILL)…THANK YOU SO MUCH.


After almost half of a year trying to attend to this class finally did it. I can agree 100% with all the comments here, harry is an amazing teacher and person he not only teach you to cook, he also show you how to see and make everything in your life thru bbq. In about 7-8 you will learn a lot of tips and ways to make you a pitmaster.


Harry’s Backyard Pitmaster Class was AWESOME!  So much more than I possibly imagined. He is so informative and makes everything fun & interesting!  It’s totally hands on and you really learn the techniques from one of the very best in the BBQ World!  I highly recommend for everybody!

I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed a class this much!
Harry is a unique and beautiful individual willing to share intricate details of barbequing that have taken him years to perfect.
I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.   Looking forward to…as Harry says…”SPREADING THE LOVE!!!”
Thank you for this enjoyable experience and memory!!!!   I never knew a pork butt, brisket, prime rib, chicken, ribs, Ahi, even sausages could taste that delicious!!!!
Some of the best instruction on preparing award winning bbq….great teacher and an awesome end result….I suggest everyone book a class and learn from the master of bbq.
This was one of the best gifts that my family ever gave me.  Harry’s class was OUTSTANDING and I learned so much about the art, love of BBQ and I would say that he sped up my learning the actual art by 5 years at least.
I say if you can find one Harry’s classes in your area sign up NOW and if he’s competing some place you can get to, get there ASAP and just watch and listen and experience his expertise.
You are amazing Harry and thank you!

I took the class today with Harry. I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint. Harry was great and it seemed like all in our group enjoyed. The previous reviews have just about everything covered, so I will be brief. Great time and great food. Certainly worth checking out!! I highly recommend it.


I took Harry’s BBQ class last year and I have been utilizing the skills that he taught us ever since and my family really enjoys it.  My BBQ methods and results have taken a great step forward.  Harry and Donna Fong make the class so enjoyable and educational because of their passion for Q.  They show you, and then put your new found skills to use while entertaining you with their stories.  If you are interested in BBQ’ing Harry’s class should be on your bucket list.  Whether pro or backyard, I highly recommend taking this class, you will remember it forever.


Last weekend my son and I took Harry ‘ s bbq course. It was beyond outstanding. His passion and love for bbq was wonderful to experience. The chance to learn the tricks of the trade from one of the leading Pitmasters was a thrill for all who attended. Harry is a g-d and we were so fortunate to have had the chance to learn from the master.
Highly recommended the course if you can get in.


What a great class!!! I wanted to surprise my fiancé with this class for our anniversary and Harry and his assistant Mimi helped me make it possible. He came home so excited and so eager to get out back and start smoking. He said it was a great learning experience and he also said that Harry is such a genuinely nice guy willing to help you achieve your goals. Hoping there is some kind of alumni class or second level class to sign him up for in the future!!


Harry takes the patience to lecture and show an extensive barbecue class. You will be surprised how down to earth and intricate his techniques are. There’s always room for questions with Harry and it’s a small class so you don’t have a lot of outside distractions. They’re also other dishes that he showcases and teaches which shows his love of the culinary arts also. The class is not just a barbecue class but also a good way to experience Harry’s passion and love for people up close. Great class and tons of food to bring home. Will definitely spend the money to attend a class in future.

Great class, super informative and very interactive. Harry is a fabulous teacher and around great guy to chat with. Can’t over stress how valuable it is to have a profession brisket, chicken, etc cooked in front of your eyes, ears and nose! What does proper bark feel like? You’ll have the chance to watch it develop, test it with your own hand, and learn on to maximize it.

I’d been trying to get Texas brisket right for about 10 years. Never turned out 100% until the I took this class. First one i cooked after Harry provided some essential tricks and insights was better than anything I can buy short of flight to Austin. No kidding.

p.s. they send you home with leftovers…


Harry this was one of the best things I have ever done . I have always loved cooking and BBQing . You have definitely stepped up my game . Your class was fun and tasty ! Thank you keep up the love. David Orduno


I took Harry’s class this past weekend. If you are on the fence about taking Harry’s class, I hope this review will tip you over the edge. While not cheap, this class will more than pay for itself in terms of the savings on meat that you won’t be messing up to learn on our own. The tasting portion is also incredible, since you will have a chance to taste what true championship bbq is supposed to be. If ever Harry and Donna decided to open a restaurant, I’d be one of a long line of willing investors.

Harry’s class is a step by step process from meat selection to carving, and you are able to ask him questions at any time for clarification on any step. It is very hands on, so you will practice what is being taught when it is taught.  Note also that the class runs are a pretty quick pace so you won’t even notice the time flying once all is said and done.

Harry and his crew are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their class and their product. I’m still digesting the tremendous brain dump of information, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take this class again if I feel the need for a refresher.


Went  to Harry’s 101st Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class. It was far more educational than I had expected, and he made it so much fun. Afterwards, I ate so much BBQ I could hardly breath. I have ordered the Smokey Mountain Cooker and plan on putting it to good use as soon as it arrives.
Thanks to Harry and his crew!


If you love real BBQ (not just grilling) you have to take this class. Pit Master Harry Soo will teach you everything from how to start your BBQ so that it will last  over 12 hours, how to make a rub, infuse meats, create a smoke ring on your beef, smoke and test for tenderness, and much more.  It was a Saturday well spent and I gained knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime.


Super fun time at Harry’s house with my brother.  Learned some real trade secrets and then got to eat the food we made!  Special menu for our class, besides the regular 15 dishes that are typically made, we got to enjoy holiday Lamb Lollipops and a Prime Rib. Once in a lifetime experience.  Harrys new fiancé is also part of the class and also a Grand Master Pit Master, bonus!
Thank you Harry and Donna!!


I’m an 2013 Slap Yo Daddy class alumni (giving my special Slap hand sign)….. I haven’t taken a BBQ class before but I’ve seen some videos and read some articles.    I was reading about BBQ classes on and found out about this.   Noticed it was in the area and signed up.

Harry’s class was very fun and educational.   Harry is very modest but has been to the big show (Jack Daniels Invitational) and won over 50+ first place championship including team of the year, multiple state championships,  winner of season 1 of Pitmasters and more!   If you want to learn, learn from the best.


If you have a passion for BBQ and live near So Cal, this is the place for you!  Sign up for a day class and it will be the best $$$ you have spent in a looooong time.
Priceless to me in terms of knowledge learned today.  Harry is a great man with a great soul and I am honored to have been made a student of his Pitmaster program.


I flew in from Chicago to take Harry’s class & just learning his method was worth every penny. Harry is a class act & loves to share what he knows about bbq. You will learn hands on techniques from one of the best pitmasters in the country. I highly recommend this class to anyone that loves to cook bbq, beginner or not.


This is an fantastic class for beginners as well as intermediate backyard BBQ’ers.  Harry is a great instructor with the ability to impart all of his knowledge while keeping you entertained.  Do not be deterred by the cost of the course, it is well worth it and you will not be disappointed.  All aspects of BBQ (A thru Z) are thoroughly covered.  Take the class  and step up your BBQ game!


I attended BBQ class today….Harry, Donna, and staff did a wonderful job. Anyone that loves BBQ will benefit from this workshop. It was a wonderful day!! It is best said, Harry has a passion, and share’s his love !!! It will change you….for GOOD.
Dennis A


This class was worth every dime!  Whether you are an expert or someone who only has dined on BBQ at Lucille’s, Harry can teach you how to create delicious food.  He is an outstanding presenter who keeps you entertained while teaching.  The information we walked away with after only a day of learning will improve my skills in basic cooking as well as backyard barbequeing.  You walk away full of information and food!


Wow, what an awesome class. If you are considering attending this class you will be doing yourself a disservice by not attending. So much ground is covered with “HANDS ON” training. Not only do I give this class two thumbs up, I will be going back in a couple months.
Thank you Harry,
Michael Barton

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