Hang With Harry On The BBQ Nation Podcast

It was humbling to learn that Jeff Tracy and Lee Ann Whippen thought that my chat was their fav out of 400 shows and 75 podcasts they had done, respectively.  

Jeff and LeeAnn asked questions that drew our talk into depths, clarity, and controversy.  

Listen for yourself!


5 Comments on “Hang With Harry On The BBQ Nation Podcast”

  1. Thanks for posting the link to your podcast. I enjoyed listening to your insight and wisdom. My wife and I took your class and have cooked next to you in competition. We have learned a lot from you and appreciate that. You are a rockstar in the bbq world.

    1. Hey Paul:
      Hope you and Peggy are doing well. For me, everyday is Saturday since I retired! Are you still doing your chili channel? Let’s meet up and cook some chowder or chili!

  2. I took Harry’s BBQ course. I was not only very informative but it was fun. I love the way the teaches and his philosophy in cooking BBQ.

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