Chicago’s Weber Masterclass, April 19, 2024

Chicago’s Weber Masterclass, April 19, 2024 – Join 12 Elite BBQ Experts as They Unveil Their Secrets Alongside Exclusive Bourbon and Beer Tastings!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be one of the elite instructors pairing up with my buddy Professor Tuffy Stone and Sausage Sensei Bill Dumas for a two-day barbecue, bourbon, and beer masterclass.

Friday, the first day of our BBQ masterclass, hosted at the Weber Grill Restaurant in Schaumburg, IL, will feature a warm welcome from Dustin Green, Head Grill Master, setting the stage for an evening of deep-diving into the art of brisket. 

The Brisket Breakout Session will be a hands-on experience, guiding attendees through the meticulous processes of trimming, seasoning, and pit loading under the guidance of BBQ luminaries like Tuffy Stone, Kevin Kolman, Dustin Green, Jason Pruitt, Harry Soo, Bill Dumas, and others.

After meat trim, season, loading into pits, students will transition into dinner, where they will  indulge in a BBQ-themed meal and engage in a spirited discussion about the various grades of briskets served.  In particular, they will experience various nuances, tasting and evaluating different grades for their tenderness, juiciness, and overall flavor.  

Based on prior Weber Masterclasses I’ve helped teach since 2017, this will be an eye-opening experience, showing just how varied and intricate brisket preparation can be.  After dinner, students can choose to stay and watch the pits as the briskets and butts cook overnight.

On Saturday, we will begin bright and early with a continental breakfast, fueling us for a day packed with six enlightening breakout sessions. Topics will range from pork shoulder and ribs, led by Harry Soo and Tuffy Stone, to brisket nuances with Russell Roegels and Kevin Kolman. Student will even delve into Animal Anatomy 101 with Dr. Phil Bass and Dr. Michael Cressman, exploring the science behind the meat.

Seasonings, fuel choices, and the perfect pairings of bourbon and beer with BBQ will be on the agenda, adding layers of knowledge to student’s BBQ repertoire. An accessories and knife session will equip students with the tools of the trade, essential for any aspiring pitmaster.

The afternoon will include a Pitmaster Brisket Taste Test and sausage tasting, providing a firsthand experience in evaluating BBQ like the pros. But the learning will not stop as Sausage Sensei Bill Dumas’s sausage-making demonstration will offer a glimpse into the craft behind these beloved BBQ staples.

Day two will wrap up with a Pitmaster Panel, where all attending masters will share their insights, followed by an after-party with live music, creating a perfect end to a perfect BBQ masterclass.

I’m looking forward to this two-day BBQ masterclass because it’s not just about learning the techniques; it was about sharing a passion, understanding the culture, and connecting with fellow BBQ enthusiasts. 

I love to teach because it’s experiences like these that remind us why we love BBQ – it’s more than just food; it’s a craft, a community, and a way to create lasting memories.

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