(WSM aka Bullet aka R2D2)

Our BBQ Smoker

Affectionately called R2-D2 and 28-80

Cambro Hot Food Storage

Control System and Temp Probes

Programming Cooking Computer

Their BBQ Smokers (Hmmm. . .does size matter?)


8 Comments on “Weber Smokers”

  1. Hi Harry,

    I've enjoyed your website and youtube videos. I've had a simple handed-down electric smoker for years but am contemplating a weber smokey mountain for a little more fun. Was wondering if you'd recommend the 18.5 inch or the 22 inch. I'd like to do briskets maybe 2-3x/year, 1-2 pork shoulders at a time, ribs, chicken. I'm wondering if most backyard packer briskets fit ok on the 18.5 inch. Thoughts? Thanks – Dave

    1. Thanks Harry! Done! Did the first seasoning smoke today. Appreciate the tip as well as your website and videos. Looking forward to developing this hobby during these Covid times with more time on my hands at home.

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