2013 KCBS National Rankings

Item Placing Ranking Total No. Teams
Overall 159 99% 2722
Chicken 79 99% 2717
Ribs 231 99% 2716
Pork 172 99% 2714
Brisket 234 99% 2717

2012 KCBS National Rankings

As a fifth year team, we’re proven we’re consistent finishing 20th in America with a 1st overall in chicken. (BLOG)

Item Placing Ranking Total No. Teams
Overall 20 99% 6298
Chicken 1 99% 6213
Ribs 108 99% 6244
Pork 64 99% 6232
Brisket 31 99% 6206

2011 KCBS National Rankings

As a fourth year team, we’re proven we’re consistent finishing 11th in America with a 3rd overall in pork. <BLOG>

 Item  Placing  Ranking  Total No. Teams
Overall 11 99% 5,533
Chicken 27 99% 5,467
Ribs 53 99% 5,504
Pork 3 99% 5,466
Brisket 11 99% 5,439

2010 KCBS National Rankings

As a third year team, we’re completely stunned that we finished 3rd overall in America with 4th overall in chicken and 8th overall in ribs.

 Item  Placing  Ranking  Total No. Teams
 Overall  3 99% 5,203 
 Chicken  4 99% 5,153
 Ribs  8 99% 5,162
 Pork  16 99% 5,153
 Brisket 12 99% 5,144

2009 KCBS National Rankings 

As a second year team, we’re amazed by our continuing success in 2009. We finished an incredible 24th in the nation with over 4,500 teams in the running.

 Item  Placing  Ranking  Total No. Teams
 Overall 24 99% 4,574
 Chicken 47 99%  4,492
 Ribs 31 99% 4,541
 Pork 24 99%  4,507
 Brisket 63 98%  4,495


We moved up the ranks at the national level after our big win in Kansas City at the Great American BBQ in May 2009 where we came in Reserve Grand Champion (2nd overall) among 161 teams in a throwdown in the BBQ capital of America.  This generated attention from the national BBQ scene as no team west of Texas has ever scored so highly in Kansas City at a national contest.

Our three consecutive back-to-back wins in So. Cal (Costa Mesa), Central Calif (Bakersfield), and NorCal (Stockton) Grand Championships was another first

And we took 1st place in at the Tri Tip Championship in Santa Maria, California, the BBQ tri tip capital of the world.  Considering the depth and multigeneration experience of the local champion teams, restaurants, and caterers who showed up in full force, this was a sweet win

The KCBS officials in Kansas City also confirmed that our 1st place in all four meat categories at Way Out West BBQ State Championship in Stockton on Independence Day was the first time in America a team has ever won a Grand Slam at at State Championship and Team of the Year (TOY) contest.

2008 KCBS National Rankings 

In 2008 rookie year, we surprised the California competition BBQ community with our out-of-nowhere Best New California Team 2008 win

Our rookie year consisted of five KCBS sanctioned events on the California BBQ circuit.  We did well enough to win the California ROY 2008 (Rookie of the Year).  When compared with the rest of the country, including the legendary teams in the BBQ belt (Texas, Kansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina), we placed in the top 8% in the nation.  Not bad for a first-year West Coast rookie team!

 Item  Placing  Ranking  Total No. Teams
 Overall  339 92% 4,345
 Chicken  378 91% 4,266
 Ribs  552 87% 4,313
 Pork  333 92% 4,278
 Brisket  349  92%  4,215


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